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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Поцелуй навылет | 吻兩下打兩槍 | Cmok, cmok, bang, bang | Целувки с неочакван край | Bučiuok, bučiuok, šauk, šauk | Iubire si gloante | Поцілунок навиліт | Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang | Baisers fumants | You'll Never Die in This Town Again | L.A.P.I. | Kis kis, beng beng | Cmok cmok, bang bang | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ehk surm Hollywoodis | キスキス,バンバン(2005) | Φιλιά και σφαίρες | Durr, durr és csók | Entre besos y tiros | Beijos e Tiros | Filia kai sfaires
Movie type
1h 43min
Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Hotness level

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) is a classic neo-noir crime comedy film directed by Shane Black. It stars Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan. The film follows two criminals, Harry Lockhart (Downey Jr.) and Perry van Shrike (Kilmer), as they become entangled in a murder mystery.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is known for its witty dialogue and dark humor, but it also contains some surprisingly steamy scenes. From the opening scene, the film is filled with sexual tension. Harry and Perry's first meeting is a classic example of sexual chemistry. They banter back and forth, and the sexual tension between them is palpable.

The film also features a few steamy scenes between Harry and Harmony (Monaghan). In one scene, Harmony seductively licks a lollipop while Harry watches. In another, they share a passionate kiss in the rain. These scenes are not only sexy, but they also add to the film's overall plot.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a great example of how sex can be used to enhance a film. The sexual moments between Harry and Perry and Harry and Harmony add to the film's overall tone and help to create a more interesting and engaging story.

Juciy Scenes

Two men kiss, although this is done for comedic effect.

A very brief scene implies that a father repeatedly sexually assaulted his very young daughter.

A man rubs a sleeping woman's leg and begins to put his hand up her dress but it interrupted by another man and he stops.

A man wakes up in bed with a woman cover by a sheet. Another woman accuses him of having sex with her.

A woman is shown with pasties on her nipples for about 3 seconds at a party. Not sexual.

A woman falls asleep in her dress and a man unties her dress so she can sleep comfortably. Her bra is seen when her shirt is opened. The man then sees a spider on her chest and accidentally flicks it into her bra. He then starts to tap her bra to get the spider out and eventually just starts smacking her boob. Not sexual and meant to be funny. The woman wakes up and tells him it's ok that "you grabbed my t*t". The man says it's not okay and that no one should do that. No nudity.

 breast, close up 

There are six instances of nudity in this movie. 1.). There is a brief comedic scene of a naked actress in a flashback, she is completely naked, straddling a man. Her breasts and nipples are clearly visible but her genitalia is not seen, only her thighs are visible. This scene lasts for about 3 seconds. 2). A dead woman is not wearing any panties and her dress is accidentally pulled up, exposing her naked crotch. The scene is dark, but her genitalia and pubic hair are clearly seen from close up for about 5 seconds before a character pulls her dress back down to cover her groin. Her genitals are quite hairy so it's hard to see much detail, though. Only five seconds and not sexual at all. This scene is later replayed in a flashback and her exposed genitals are seen again. 3). A frantic woman is jumping around and a close up shows that her right nipple has popped out of her shirt and you see an extreme close up of her nipple bouncing around for about 5 seconds. Not sexual and meant to be funny. 4). A man watches in confusion as a topless woman does a strange dance at a party. Breasts and nipples seen for about 5 seconds. Not sexual. 5). A woman gets drunk and casually gets ready to go to bed. She takes her dress off and strips down to her panties and tights. She takes her tights off but leaves her panties on. She is topless in this entire scene and her breasts and nipples are clearly seen while she takes her clothes off. She then gets in bed and her breasts and nipples are occasionally seen while she's laying under the covers. This scene lasts about 2 minutes but is not sexual. 6). In a flashback, a man is seen blindfolding a topless woman. Breasts and nipples clearly seen for about 3 seconds. It is worth noting that pretty much all the nudity in this movie is not meant to be sexual.


A couple of women are shown topless, but usually in a comical sense.


A woman invites a man to sleep with her while she is shirtless (breasts are visible). Nothing happens


A woman is removing her clothes in a room. Her breasts and nipples are visible briefly


Half of a woman's right nipple is briefly visible as she lies drunk on a bed. Partial breast nudity is seen for a little while

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