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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Deadly Illusions Movie
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Deadly Illusions (2021)

Zabójcze złudzenia | Illusioni mortali | Halálos illúziók | Ölümcül Masumiyet | Ilusiones mortales | Iluzii mortale | Por Trás da Inocência | Опасные иллюзии | Μοιραίες Ψευδαισθήσεις
Movie type
1h 54min
Drama, Thriller
Hotness level

Deadly Illusions (2021) is a psychological thriller directed by Anna Elizabeth James and starring Kristin Davis, Dermot Mulroney, and Greer Grammer. The movie follows Mary, a successful novelist, who hires a young artist to help her with her latest book. However, as the two become closer, Mary begins to realize that her new assistant is not who she seems.

The movie contains several sexual moments that add to the tension and suspense of the story. One of the most memorable scenes is when Mary and her assistant, John, share a passionate kiss. This scene is particularly powerful because it reveals the underlying attraction between the two characters. It also serves as a reminder of the danger that Mary is in and the lengths that John will go to in order to protect her.

Another sexual moment in the movie occurs when Mary and John are in bed together. This scene is particularly intense as it shows the two characters in a vulnerable state. It also serves to further illustrate the power dynamic between the two characters and the lengths that John will go to in order to protect Mary.

Overall, Deadly Illusions (2021) is a gripping psychological thriller that contains several sexual moments. These moments add to the tension and suspense of the story and help to further illustrate the power dynamic between the two characters. If you are looking for a thrilling movie with some steamy scenes, then Deadly Illusions (2021) is definitely worth watching.

Juciy Scenes

Woman changers her outfit, though nothing is seen besides her in her bra.

Woman smiles in bed, obviously naked though nothing is shown. Man comes from under the covers to kiss her. Very tame overall, but obvious indication of oral play.

 shower, changing 

Two women are in a spa, covered by a towel, and then take separate showers, though nothing is seen. Later in the scene, there are many other women in towels, and one woman is seen changing. Very brief, and very blurred, though obviously naked for a moment.

Female is seen in a high waisted one-piece swimsuit, and at one point, filming speed is intended to be a bit suggestive.

Kissing and small dialog about "doing it" in the kitchen. Multiple angles of kissing, and obvious sex is had, though nothing very graphic is shown other than moaning and facial gestures.


In a scene in a fitting room, measuring for a new bra, a woman is seen with and without a shirt, and in a variety of bras. Nothing sexual is meant from this scene at first. One conversation of size and youth, and the bras are fairly revealing. Then one character grabs another's hand, and places on her breast, in a suggestive manner.

Girl is seen trying on clothes in private, in front of a mirror, while another female character secretly stares through the window. Later revealed this is a day dream.

In a day dreaming sequence, one female dreams about another female in a highly suggestive way, and later turns into one female naked from behind, waist up, so nothing is actually revealed. A later conversation follows between two friends about this experience.

Female walks up to her husband, kisses, and sits on his lap. Mention of "horny" follows.


While one female takes a nap, she dreams of both her husband and another female character, performing oral play on her breasts. Very brief, and nothing is visible.

 couple, bath, orgasm, close up 

Female character takes a bath, dropping her robe, and steps in. Nothing is seen initially. But then another female joins her in the room, and sensually enhances her bath. The music and camera work suggests a lot of sexual tension. Brief nipple is shown a couple times, and then there is obvious hand touching underneath the water to bring one of the females to orgasm, or close to. This is later revealed to all be a fantasy by the one taking the bath.

Husband walks into a room, begins kissing his wife, compliments her, and grabs her boob for a brief moment.

Man walks a female into a restaurant by placing his hand on her lower back, but the hand is quite low on her back. Later it is obvious that he is stares briefly at her chest.

In a restaurant scene, there is obvious flirting between a married man, and a female character, both verbally and non. Later the female character stretches to purposefully reveal her mid-section and slight bra, but then plays it off like nothing happened.

Man and female take a drive together, with slight suggestive dancing by the female character. The looks from the male, and camera focusing on the male's face, suggest sexual thoughts of the male character.

While at a park, one female begins sliding her hand sensually up another female's leg, and then around her face. Obvious sexual tension leads to a few kisses between the two female characters. Quite passionate for a brief moment before stopping.

Brief conversation about sex between two friends, including frequency and questioning of the other's on behavior, about other characters in the movie.

Two females cook dinner together. Camera work along with the music suggest sexual tension. Then some dialog and touching between these characters turns very sexual, including offscreen oral play, but then interrupted.

Moaning is heard off screen, including some sexual dialog and heavy breathing. It is later revealed that a male and female are engaging in sexual activity with quit a bit of oral play. A bit graphic and intense, with onscreen oral play (though nothing visibly seen).

A very brief moment where one character is having a memory dream of a past moment from the movie, where her husband and another female are sexually together in the kitchen.

Husband and wife wake up together in bed on their anniversary, and very brief touching and kissing occurs.


A male takes a shower, stripping off his clothes, and brief butt is seen on him. Later this scene develops into more with a female character wearing a skimpy outfit, though truly not sexual in nature given what occurs in the scene.

An erotic thriller with no visible nudity.

Male topless & rear nudity. No female nudity.

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