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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Beauty Betrayed Movie
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Beauty Betrayed (2002)

Model Behavior: Beauty Betrayed | Conducta Indecente | Beleza Traída | İhanet Edilen Güzellik | Beauté Trahie
Movie type
1h 38min
Crime, Drama
Hotness level

Beauty Betrayed (2002) is a psychological thriller directed by David S. Cass Sr. and starring Erika Eleniak, David Keith, and Robert Patrick. The movie follows the story of a young woman, played by Eleniak, who is struggling to cope with the death of her father. She is drawn into a dangerous relationship with a mysterious man, played by Keith, who has a dark past.

The movie contains several sexual moments that add to the tension and suspense of the story. One of the most memorable scenes is when Eleniak's character is in the shower and Keith's character enters the bathroom. He watches her from outside the shower and the scene is filled with sexual tension. Another scene involves Eleniak's character and Keith's character in bed together. The scene is filled with sexual chemistry and the two characters share a passionate kiss.

The sexual moments in Beauty Betrayed (2002) are essential to the story and help to create a sense of tension and suspense. The scenes are also important in developing the relationship between the two characters and exploring their motivations and desires. The sexual moments in the movie are not gratuitous, but instead add to the overall story and help to create a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Juciy Scenes

The movie opens with a photoshoot session during which a woman undresses progressively and she eventually have sex with the photographer. Rear male nudity and female nudity.


After waking up, a woman removes in front of her husband her nightgown to change clothes, she's seen naked. The man incites her to have sex. Breasts patting, body kissing, thrusting, moanings, full female nudity.


During another photoshoot session, a woman strips off (topless) before giving the man oral sex. He then strips down her panties, feels up her body and breasts and penetrates her. Rear male nudity, full female nudity.

A police officer interviews a woman near her pool, two women are seen briefly in the background. They are naked and sunbathing.


The detective goes to ask question to one of the sunbathing women. She's fully naked and asks him to sit close on her lounger. She then asks him to put some lotion on her back. Breasts visible and pubic hair (briefly).

 breast, bath 

The sun-bathing women are relaxing together. One puts lotion on the other's body. Then she kisses her and gives her oral sex while the other rubs her breasts and licks them. It continues with some ass-spanking and lots of tongue kisses, body patting and moanings. A woman on the balcony watches them. One masturbates the other before they stimulates each other by tribbing/scissoring. They end up in the pool kissing and sucking each other greedily.

A man watches a videotape that shows a man blindfolding a woman who wears tiny chainmail bikini. A masked woman comes in and kisses the man. They both kiss the blindfolded woman and suck her nipples. The women have sex before the man penetrates one of them. Rear male nudity, full female nudity.


A woman is seen naked in a changing-room before getting dressed.


While watching her wife sleeping, a man dreams about a woman. She's in nightgown and goes on top of him before undressing. He gives her oral sex, sucks her breasts, she then rides him have sex in other positions. The dream ends and the man is seen touching up his wife's breast.

 breast, bath 

A woman wearing a bikini on a lounger starts to touch up her body and masturbates as she remembers the sun-bathing women having sex earlier. Breasts and pubic hair visible.


A woman takes pictures of a man. Another woman is in the room secretly watching. They start to undress each other and have sex that involves moanings, breasts sucking, oral sex and rear entry sex. Rear male nudity, full female nudity.

 couple, bath 

Two intercut scenes shows two couples having sex. One ends up in a bath the other in a bed. Thrusting, moanings, body patting, rear male nudity partial female nudity.

there are many scenes with Renee Rea topless in this movie.

 breast, shower 

in a shower scene Renee Rea removes her robe, exposing her breasts, buttocks and visible labia while she adds soap to her body.

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