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Cover Of Afternoon Delight Movie
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Afternoon Delight (2013)

As Delícias da Tarde | Love. Sex. Life. | Σέξι νταντά | Полуденная нега | Öğle Keyfi | Placeres Vespertinos | Полуденна млість | Desejos da Tarde | Délután is jó! | Sexe en après-midi | Popołudniowa igraszka | 午後3時の女たち
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The 2013 movie Afternoon Delight is a comedy-drama that follows the story of Rachel, a stay-at-home mother who is struggling to find meaning in her life. In an attempt to spice up her marriage, Rachel visits a strip club with her husband and meets McKenna, a young stripper. Rachel impulsively decides to take McKenna in as a live-in nanny, and the two form an unlikely bond.

The movie contains several sexual moments that explore the complexities of relationships and sexuality. One of the most memorable scenes is when Rachel and her husband visit the strip club. The scene is shot in a voyeuristic style, with the camera lingering on the dancers’ bodies as they move sensually to the music. This scene serves to highlight the power dynamics between the men and women in the club, and the objectification of women’s bodies.

Another sexual moment occurs when Rachel and McKenna share a passionate kiss. This scene is significant because it shows the two women exploring their sexuality in a safe and consensual way. The kiss is also a symbol of the bond that has formed between them, and it serves to highlight the importance of female friendship and support.

The movie also contains a scene in which Rachel and her husband have sex. This scene is significant because it shows the couple reconnecting and rekindling their relationship. It also serves to show that sex can be a positive and enjoyable experience, even in a long-term relationship.

Overall, Afternoon Delight contains several sexual moments that explore the complexities of relationships and sexuality. These scenes are important because they show that sex can be a positive and enjoyable experience, and that it is important to explore one’s sexuality in a safe and consensual way.

Juciy Scenes

To summarize: not much actual nudity, a huge amount of discussing sex and discretely filmed mildly simulated sex. The movie is about a woman trying to "rescue" a "dancer."

 breast, underwear, close up 

A young woman kisses an older man and a woman watches as the older man picks the young woman up and her legs are wrapped around the man's waist (we see a portion of the young woman's underwear); the man makes a series of remarks about having sex with the young woman while the woman continues to watch as the young woman takes off her dress (she is not wearing a bra and we see her bare back and bikini-style underwear) and the man takes off his shirt to expose his bare chest; the young woman performs oral sex on the older man (we see her head at his crotch and the man moans sexually and then invites the watching woman to come close and he holds her hand and sucks on her thumb) before the young woman gets on top of the man and they have thrusting sex (the young woman's bare breasts are visible); the man keeps eye contact with the fully clothed woman watching them and he moans loudly as it is implied that he climaxes.


We see a man and a woman having sex in an extended scene, where the woman's bare breasts are visible when she is on top of the man; they change positions and kiss passionately and the man's bare back is visible and we hear them moaning sexually as they continue having sex.

We see what appears to be a woman performing oral sex on a man (the man is in bed and the woman's head is under the sheets and bobbing up and down), and the man moans and pants sexually; we then see the man and woman having sex and they change positions multiple times (we see the man's bare back and a portion of the woman's bare back), we see the man panting and it is implied that he climaxes and that the woman does not; we then see the man fully dressed while the woman has a sheet wrapped around her and is lying in bed when the man makes a remark about sexually fulfilling the woman and she disregards his remark.


We see a man kneeling behind a woman while she is face down on a bed (the side of her bare buttock and profile of her bare breast are visible) as the man thrusts (the man's bare buttocks, back and chest are visible).

We see a man and a young woman in a doorway while the young woman rubs her body against the man and they kiss passionately before the young woman leads the man away and it is implied that they are having sex; three other men watch as they walk away and are obviously disappointed in the man's actions and we then see the man's wife enter the room where he and the young woman are sleeping on the floor with a sheet wrapped around them (the man's bare chest is visible); the woman screams angrily at the man and the young woman, and the man gets up with the sheet wrapped around his waist and his bare back is visible.

A woman is angry when she finds her husband sleeping with a young woman; we see blood on the sheets and the woman screams at the man, "What did you do to her" and the young woman interrupts, saying that she had gotten her period.

 breast, couple, close up 

We see two husband and wife couples walk into a strip club where we see several women dancing suggestively, while wearing bras and short shorts or skirts (their cleavage and bare torsos are visible); women dance suggestively against a pole and we see a topless woman (bare breasts are visible) dancing with her breasts in a man's face; a woman is taken into another room to have a private dance and another woman is taken for a private dance by a young woman; we see the young woman suggestively rub the woman's legs, she pushes her legs apart and pushes up a portion of her shirt to expose part of her bare torso, and the young woman's face comes very close to the woman's face (they look like they are about to kiss, and the dance ends and the woman looks awkward).


A man grabs a woman and kisses her, then looks at a second woman, makes a remark about the woman's breasts being visible in her blouse, and then makes a crude remark as he hugs the two women (that he is going to have a sandwich of both women).

A young woman massages a woman's feet, and then begins to massage the woman's collarbone and chest (the woman is clothed, but she remarks that she is not wearing a bra); the young woman places her hand over the woman's groin area and after a few moments of the woman obviously enjoying the massage, she walks away.


A young woman dances seductively with several men at a party and she gives one man a seductive lap dance while kneeling on a table (she is shown wearing a bra and underwear as she rolls around); she slow-dances with a man until he pulls away and then we see her dancing suggestively with another man as two other men watch in disgust.


A clothed man climbs into bed with a clothed woman (he is wearing a T-shirt and boxer-style underwear while she is wearing a nightgown) and wraps his arms around her, while implying that he wants to have sex; the woman ignores his advances and he turns away from her. We see a man's bare back (he has a towel wrapped around his waist) as he unzips a woman's dress, lifts it over her head and then leads her to a bed.

 breast, underwear 

A woman wearing brief-style underwear and a T-shirt and a man wearing shorts and a T-shirt are shown in bed together; the man rubs the woman's fully clothed breasts on top of her t-shirt and tries to kiss her and the woman pulls away and runs into the other room to vomit (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).


A young woman wearing a bikini instructs two women how to dance suggestively (while pole dancing) and we see them thrusting their hips and dancing against a swimming noodle suggestively.

A woman stands in front of a mirror and appears to try to dance suggestively -- the woman holds her hips, and hikes up her shirt slightly.

We see a woman undressed and she is wearing a bra and hose (her pubic hair is visible through the panty hose); the woman jokingly acts as though laser beams are coming from her crotch after her husband tells her to put on clothing.

We see a young woman wearing a bikini at a pool (her cleavage is visible).


A woman wears a one-piece swimsuit and a second woman pulls off her T-shirt (she is wearing a bra and shorts) and jumps into a swimming pool.

We see a woman wearing a bra as she sits on a toilet and she appears to be nude from the waist-down (we see her bare stomach and upper thigh).

A woman's bra and cleavage are visible in a low-cut, loose blouse.


A young woman sitting on a bed spreads her legs while wearing short shorts, making a portion of the crotch of her underwear visible and she looks at a man seductively.

We see a boy's bare back as he lounges across his mother.

A man shouts at his wife, asking if she had wanted the man to have sex with a young woman that moved into their house, and then asks the woman if she had wanted to have sex with the young woman; the man then shouts, asking the woman if she is a lesbian and the woman shouts back at the man, saying that she only wanted to help the young woman.


Several women discuss having multiple sexual partners as young women and late teens; a woman asks the women to discuss their abortions and four out of the five women admit that they had abortions; one woman goes into detail about a sexual encounter that she had when she was 19, when a young man came into her dorm room and they had sex (we hear one of the women chime in that she thinks that the story will result in a rape); the woman adds that she had ended up pregnant and dropped out of college after going home to have an abortion.

A woman tells another woman that she and her husband go to strip clubs to become sexually aroused, then come home and have sex with each other; she suggests that the other woman and her husband go with them, and then jokes that she will have great sex with her husband after.

A woman asks her husband if they can go to a strip club, then makes a series of sexual remarks about how she will have sex with the man after they go to the strip club.

A young woman tells two women that she is a "full service sex worker" and explains that she has sex with men for money, including a man who likes to have someone watch them have sex; the young woman then asks one of the women if she would want to go with her one time.

A young woman implies that she is going to go have sex for money and a woman offers to loan her money instead; the young woman tells the woman that she makes "$250 an hour" as a sex worker.

A woman asks a young woman if she can go with her on a trip where the young woman is having sex for money and the woman will watch.

A woman tells her female therapist that a young woman that has sex for money is living in her house; the two women then argue about the woman and her husband not having sex.

A woman asks four other women if they had ever experienced an open-eye sexual climax and the women do not answer but then begin having a long, crude discussion about fantasizing about a scene from a movie; one woman shouts loudly that she sexually pleasured herself for over 20 years while thinking of the scene from the movie and one of the other women discusses how she and her husband have sex with the man behind her; she then jokingly slaps her backside and makes a series of crude jokes about anal sex and how it is different from other sexual positions.

A young woman tells several men and women that a woman had brought her into their home knowing that she was a "sex worker" after meeting her when the woman's husband paid the young woman to perform a lap dance on the woman.

A woman interviews a young woman about being a self-proclaimed "sex worker" and about starting to have sex for money at age 19.

Two women discuss having sex with their husbands and one of the women makes a crude remark about believing her husband tries to have sex with her when he is not sexually aroused, and the two women laugh.

Two women joke about sex, including one of the women joking that her female therapist has shared that she and her partner look in one another's eyes as they sexually climax; the two women then make a series of jokes about male genitalia.

A woman tells her female therapist that she has not had sex with her husband for over six months.

A young woman tells a woman that her mother had told her that she had no idea who the young woman's father was.

 breast, breastfeed 

A woman tells a young woman that she was unable to breastfeed because she has small nipples.

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