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Frivolous Lola (1998)

Monella | Frívola Lola | Padykėlė Lola | Монелла | 不知不觉诱惑你 | Pecados de uma virgem | Monella - A Travessa | Lolan häät | Lola | Frywolna Lola | Μονέλλα | Шалунья | Lolas bröllop | Lolas bryllup | Монела | Frivole Lola
Movie type
1h 45min
Comedy, Romance
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Frivolous Lola (1998) is a French comedy-drama film directed by Tinto Brass. The movie follows the story of Lola, a young woman who is determined to explore her sexuality and find her true identity.

The movie is filled with sexual moments that are both humorous and thought-provoking. One of the most memorable scenes is when Lola meets a man at a bar and they have a passionate kiss. This scene is both sensual and playful, and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Another memorable sexual moment is when Lola and her friend, Max, have a steamy encounter in the shower. This scene is both playful and intimate, and it shows the depth of their connection.

The movie also features a number of other sexual moments, including a scene where Lola and her lover, Jean, have a passionate night together. This scene is both tender and passionate, and it shows the intensity of their relationship.

Overall, Frivolous Lola is a movie that is filled with sexual moments that are both humorous and thought-provoking. The movie is a great example of how sex can be explored in a fun and meaningful way.

Juciy Scenes

This movie has some form of eroticism, sex, or nudity in nearly every scene. We see full nudity including male (a few glimpses) and female genitalia, but no explicit penetration is shown, and those scenes containing implicit penetration are presented in a very unrealistic manner.

The opening scenes involve a woman in a skirt riding a bicycle. She rides with her skirt blowing in the wind so as to give the camera and the people she rides around a clear view of her panties. Occasionally we glimpse pubic hair poking out around the crotch of the panties. Some of the characters comment openly on her display in these scenes.

As the woman rides along with a bicycle racer, her display prompts him to slap her buttocks. She reacts more with surprise and delight than outrage.


After she parks her bicycle, a couple of priests walk by and spend considerable time smelling the bicycle seat with evident pleasure.

 breast, groping 

A young woman and man go into the back room of a working bakery and start groping each other. During this activity, the man pushes the young woman's clothes aside enough to reveal her breasts, full pubic bush, and a bit of vulva. Another worker in the bakery walks in on them and watches unnoticed for several seconds before interrupting them.


Two men review erotic photographs using a slide projector in a darkened room while they reminisce about old sexual exploits. The photographed women are in various states of dress from Victorian-style high-class dresses down through lingerie to complete nudity. We mostly see bared buttocks, though some frames show a bit of pubic hair or bared breasts. A large charcoal sketch hangs in this room depicting a man with a fantastically large erect penis.

 breast, close up 

Lola locks herself in her bedroom, then removes her tank top, baring her breasts. She examines them in a mirror, giving the camera a good look also. Then she lies down on her bed and begins to masturbate, first through her panties, then around them, and finally without them on at all. We see her pubic hair and labia minora in several close-up shots. When she rolls onto her side, we see her buttocks also. The camera moves up and down her body several times as she strokes her vulva and moans. By the end, she is wearing nothing but her skirt, hiked up around her midriff. Several prior scenes in the movie are cut into this scene in a way to suggest that Lola is riffing erotically on these earlier experiences.

A completely nude man strokes the body of another nude man in a riverside forest. We see them side-on, so no buttocks or genitalia are shown. Nearby, other men and women are similarly disporting themselves, using the foliage for a sort of semi-privacy. Meanwhile, a voyeur with binoculars watches from tree cover.


Lola and her fiancée enter this scene and begin making out. Her blouse ends up partially unbuttoned, and she removes her panties. As the scene progresses, we see Lola's breasts, panties, buttocks, pubic hair, and vulva several times each. Lola attempts to tempt her fiancée into premarital sex, but he refuses. The scene does not progress beyond heavy petting.

Lola rides a motorcycle, causing her skirt to lift several times, revealing her unclad buttocks and pubic hair. Later in the ride, a rainstorm develops, soaking her sheer clothing through, revealing her form through the clothing.

Lola arrives at a dressmaker's shop. The proprietress bids her to undress for the fitting. This is the first time we see the title character completely nude. During the fitting, the women talk about sex.

A young woman spies on an erotic photo shoot in progress through a keyhole. The subject has her skirt flipped up, revealing her buttocks, anus, and unshaved labia majora from the rear.

A woman dances in a bar with three young men she does not know. As she dances, her skirt lifts several times to reveal her lace thong panties, which fail to conceal her buttocks or pubic hair. Later, she goes to the restroom, removes her panties, combs through her pubic hair with her fingers several times, then returns to the dance floor with the three men. They continue dancing, with the skirt flips now revealing her vulva as well.

A young woman gets into the front passenger seat of a cab. The cabbie begins to stroke the young woman's thighs, then her crotch. He finds that she is not wearing panties, so he pulls off the road and begins stroking her body in earnest. She goes along with this for a time, but then suddenly becomes angry and fights her way out of the cab. It is raining, so it quickly soaks her thin clothing through, clearly showing her areolae and nipples. Her blouse later comes undone, making moot the wet clothing effect.

A young woman squats on a public road at night and urinates in full view of the camera. We see her buttocks and labia minora.


A man enters a prostitute's room in a brothel, shown in by the madam. The prostitute is only wearing a camisole and stockings, leaving her hip area bare. We see her buttocks and pubic hair clearly. After money is exchanged, the prostitute uses a bidet, further revealing her labia minora. While the woman prepares herself, the man undresses completely, showing his back and buttocks. In a mirror, we see his flaccid uncircumcised penis and scrotum. There is a jump cut to an erect condom-clad penis, then the two move to the bed and proceed to have rough sex. She does not undress any further except that the man pulls the top of her camisole down in order to reveal her breasts, which he kisses. The sex is unconvincing. We do not see explicit penetration, the thrusts are too dramatic to be realistic, and the instant the man rolls off the prostitute after climaxing, his member is shown flaccid, dry, and condom-free.


A middle-aged couple make out in the man's study. The man ends up shirtless and the woman stripped to her panties and brassiere.

A young woman goes skinny-dipping alone in a lake. We see full frontal nudity, plus her buttocks and a glimpse of vulva.

 breast, flashes 

At a marriage reception party, we see several flashes of nudity and other bits of eroticism. A woman's dress top slips to reveal a bared breast, skirts are lifted to show panties and more, people caress each other, people kiss chastely and otherwise, etc.

 breast, couple 

Lola fantasizes about being at the photo shoot that resulted in the slide show mentioned above. She imagines that it moved from pure picture-taking to body-painting, then sexual intercourse. We see only the woman's buttocks and one bared breast explicitly, but we also see a shadow-play of an erect penis apparently pushing into the woman's crotch. The camera then cuts to an angle of the couple moving together as if in sexual congress, though no explicit penetration is ever seen.

The young woman from the road scene gets home, soaked. She strips in front of an older man who towels her dry. She is seen completely unclad from tresses to toes in this scene. A major plot point centers around the sexual attraction between these two, the tension partly due to the man's uncertainty over whether the young woman is his daughter. It is in this scene that the truth is revealed, but not before the tension ratchets several notches higher.


A young woman tempts her fiancée into having premarital sex. The man believes her to have already been deflowered, but after they are done coupling, the camera zooms in on her blood-smeared thighs, incidentally giving a clear view of her pubic hair and vulva. The camera later zoom in on blood smeared on the flour sacks the couple used as a bed. This sex scene is even less convincing than the one with the prostitute, though the differences in the nature of the two scenes makes this one quite a bit more shocking.

A bride is alone in a bedroom with a man who is not her new husband where she flips her wedding dress's skirt up to display her panties to him. After she returns to the wedding party and joins in the dancing, she flips her skirt up again, revealing that she no longer has her panties. The movie leaves unstated whether she gave away more than her panties.

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