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Cover Of The Voyeur Movie
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The Voyeur (1994)

O idonovlepsias | Подглядывающий | L'uomo che guarda | O Homem Que Olha | El hombre que mira | L'uomo Che Guarda | Le voyeur | Mężczyzna, który patrzy | Göz Zevki | O Voyeur | O Homem que Espreita | Voyeur | Tirkistelijä - The Voyeur | El voyeur | Ο Ηδονοβλεψίας | The Vouyer | Воайорът | Immoral Novel
Movie type
1h 38min
Drama, Romance
Hotness level

The Voyeur (1994) is a French drama film directed by François Ozon. The movie follows the story of Mathieu, a young man who is obsessed with voyeurism. He is constantly watching people in their private moments, and his voyeurism leads him to a series of sexual encounters.

The movie contains several explicit and intense sexual scenes, which are used to explore the themes of voyeurism and desire. The most notable of these scenes is the one between Mathieu and his lover, Claire. In this scene, Mathieu watches Claire as she undresses and then proceeds to make love to her. This scene is particularly powerful as it shows the power of voyeurism and the intensity of Mathieu's desire for Claire.

The movie also contains several other sexual moments, such as Mathieu's encounters with other women. These scenes are used to further explore the themes of voyeurism and desire, as well as to show the consequences of Mathieu's actions.

Overall, The Voyeur (1994) is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the themes of voyeurism and desire. The movie contains several explicit and intense sexual scenes, which are used to explore these themes and to show the consequences of Mathieu's actions.

Juciy Scenes

Virtually every scene in this movie includes some form of nudity or sexual activity. There is no external part of the human body that is not shown at least once in this movie. I will therefore describe only those scenes that expand the scope sex and nudity in the film to that point.

Explicit penetration is never shown at any point in the movie.

 breast, close up 

In the opening scene, a man lies down on a bed and begins to daydream. He imagines a woman entering the room, wearing nothing. We see her in a ¾ shot, followed by closeups of her breasts, buttocks and pubic area. Several of the closeups show her vulva. She smooths her pubic hair, then proceeds to dress. When she has put on all of her lingerie except her panties, she pauses, walks over to the supine man, unzips his pants, pulls out his erect penis, then climbs atop him and penetrates herself with it. She then rides him as he caresses her nipples. After he climaxes, she masturbates atop him until she also climaxes. A few times her buttocks part to reveal her anus.

A woman is sitting at a table in a restaurant. She is wearing a knee-length skirt, and we see her panties several times as her knees part. A man at another table notices, and he drops his handkerchief as a pretext to gain a better view. We see her pubic hair through the sheer fabric, as well as around the edges. Later in the scene, she pulls her panties aside to expose her labia minora, which she rubs while others in the restaurant look on. At one point while masturbating, her finger parts her labia enough to give us a glimpse of her vulval vestibule.

The walls of this restaurant are decorated with reproductions of ancient Asian sex manual illustrations. One of these clearly shows copulation, with the man's shaft visible.

A breeze blows a woman's skirt up to reveal her thong panties and unclad buttocks.


A woman is wearing tight jean shorts and a sheer top. The shorts are so tightly cropped that they reveal the bottom part of her buttocks, and the top does nothing to hide her breasts. At several points, she bends over, causing the crotch of the shorts to ride up between her labia, clearly exposing her vulva and pubic hair.

A man squeezes a nurse's buttock while she attempts to give him an injection. While his pants are down, we see his flaccid penis, scrotum and buttocks.


A couple is out in a semi-sheltered public area, each with their hand stuffed into the fly of the others' jeans. We see no nudity, only their vigorous mutual stimulation. They quickly break off when they notice someone espying them from a window.

A young woman completely undresses for a man while he photographs her. Nothing is hidden.

A fully naked young woman gropes another who is fully clothed, arousing her. They proceed with several lesbian sexual acts: French kissing, nipple squeezing, manual intercourse and cunnilingus. The nude woman unbuttons the other's blouse, lifts her skirt, and removes her panties, leaving no private parts hidden. All throughout this scene, a man is standing in the room, watching.

A bottomless woman sits in a chair and masturbates, implying inserting a cigar into herself. This is not shown, only implied.


A boy is asleep in bed when a young woman in a thin nightgown enters. Her breasts and buttocks show through the sheer fabric. The nightgown is backlit at one point, clearly silhouetting the young woman's shape. The boy wakes during the scene but pretends to still be asleep as he steals occasional peeks.


A woman wearing a loose sun dress engages in conversation with a man while the top of her dress is unbuttoned, exposing her bare breasts. The scene straddles the line between casual nudity between trusted acquaintances and exhibitionism. As she shows him some nude pictures of herself, her nipples become erect; aroused, she kisses him and gropes his penis through his pajama bottoms.


A man removes his pajamas to bathe. We see him completely and clearly nude, including his flaccid uncircumcised penis and scrotum. In the bathroom, there are several hanging photographs of a woman in various states of undress. These fill the camera frame one by one in a series of jump cuts. The man stands before a mirror and examines himself as he relives other scenes from memory of the same woman in various states of dishabille. As he does this, his penis becomes erect on camera. We see all of the woman's "bits" in the various scenes.

A man and woman are in a sparsely populated movie theater. They begin to visibly grope each others' genitals, then the woman implicitly performs fellatio on the man while another woman a few rows back looks on.

A man is having sex with a woman from behind while she is bent over a table. The camera shows this to us from a child's voyeuristic perspective. After they decouple, they both see the young boy, who runs away.

Many people are shown having sex in broad daylight on a beach, in pairs and in groups, both heterosexual and homosexual. Some of those present are doing other things, and ignoring the other groups in the same way one does on a normal beach.

A woman undresses and grooms her pubic bush in her hotel room while a man watches from an apartment across the street.

A woman quickly kisses the glans of a man's erect penis. Unlike with the previous scenes of fellatio, this is explicitly shown.

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