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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Curtains Movie
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Curtains (1983)

肉欲のオーディション/切り裂かれたヒロインたち | Ultime cauchemar | Занавес | Painajaisuni | La maschera del terrore | Lucha contra el más allá | Curtains, l'ultime cauchemar | Sepulcros: la última llamada | Odslony | Døden teller til 7 | Curtains - Wahn ohne Ende | Cortinas | Perdeler | O Último Pesadelo | Curtains: L'ultime cauchemar | A függöny
Movie type
1h 29min
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hotness level

Curtains (1983) is a Canadian slasher film directed by Richard Ciupka. The movie follows a group of six young actresses who are auditioning for a role in a horror movie. As they compete for the part, they become the targets of a mysterious killer.

The movie is known for its intense and explicit sexual moments. From the beginning of the movie, the actresses are seen flirting and engaging in sexual activities. One of the most memorable scenes is when two of the actresses, Samantha and Tracy, are seen making out in the shower. This scene is particularly intense as it is shot in slow motion and the camera lingers on their bodies.

Other sexual moments in the movie include a scene where one of the actresses, Julie, is seen seducing the killer. She is seen wearing a revealing nightgown and trying to seduce him with her body. This scene is particularly disturbing as it shows the power dynamics between the killer and the victim.

Overall, Curtains (1983) is a movie that is not for the faint of heart. It contains explicit sexual moments that are both disturbing and intense. It is a movie that will leave you feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.

Juciy Scenes

The only nudity in this movie occurs during a scene in the Hot Tub, but the entire movie is filmed in such low light darkness you can't see anything.

 bath, changing 

A woman is shown bathing (no nudity is shown), later she is seen changing into a t-shirt and her panties can be seen.


A masked man is shown to enter a woman's house and rape her, it is then later explained that they are a couple who were engaging in a sex fantasy.

Women discuss what lengths they would go to for a film role, one actress says she would fuck for it, whereas another says that she'll be willing to go down on him [the director].

 breast, underwear 

A topless woman (Tara or her body double) is shown in a jacuzzi as she and a topless man (Matthew) splash water on one another, sex is implied and the woman's breasts can be seen and the profile of the man's penis is visible in his underwear.

There are two scenes implying sex, the same man is shown first getting dressed whilst a younger woman is shown in bed, and later on he kisses another woman and afterwards they are showing lying in bed together.

A woman is shown dancing, her nipples are visible under her dress.

 breast, touche 

A woman touches another woman's bare breast in an audition, a male director is shown instructing one of the women what to do.

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