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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Hannie Caulder Movie
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Hannie Caulder (1971)

大復仇 | Desejo de Vingança | Jakten på bröderna Clemens | Onna ganman-Minagoroshi no merodi | In einem Sattel mit dem Tod | Οι ατίθασοι | Hannie Caulders hevn | La texana e i fratelli Penitenza | Un colt pour trois salopards | Hannie Caulder-la vengadora | Ana Caulder | Hannie Caulder - Desejo de Vingança | Η αγριόγατα του Γουέστ | Un colt pour 3 salopards | 女ガンマン 皆殺しのメロディ | İntikam meleği | Η ατίθαση | Ханни Колдер | Hani Kolder
Movie type
1h 25min
Crime, Drama, Western
Hotness level

Hannie Caulder (1971) is a classic western film starring Raquel Welch as the title character. The movie follows Hannie, a young widow who seeks revenge on the three outlaws who killed her husband. Along the way, she meets a bounty hunter (Robert Culp) who helps her on her quest.

The movie is filled with sexual tension between Hannie and the bounty hunter, as well as between Hannie and the outlaws. The sexual moments in the movie are subtle but powerful. In one scene, Hannie is held captive by the outlaws and is forced to strip down to her underwear. This scene is both erotic and frightening, as it shows the power of the outlaws over Hannie.

In another scene, Hannie and the bounty hunter share a passionate kiss. This scene is filled with longing and desire, as the two characters are clearly attracted to each other. The kiss is a turning point in the movie, as it marks the beginning of a relationship between the two characters.

The sexual moments in Hannie Caulder (1971) are integral to the story. They add depth to the characters and help to create a sense of tension and suspense. The movie is a classic western, and the sexual moments add a unique and interesting element to the story.

Juciy Scenes

The woman has a flashback about the man that raped her.

A woman thinks back to when a man beat (slapping) her (in attempt to raping her). NO nudity or NO sex is seen, in this scene.

The woman victim has flashbacks about the men who raped her. Film shows parts of the rape scene over again. No nudity.

After the bank robbery, shortly after the beginning, a woman is raped by 3 men, one by one. The woman is thrown on a bed and her dress is torn. She is shown partially with an under-dress still on. She is heard screaming. No nudity is shown.


A woman is shown topless from behind in a bath. She stands up to show she's wearing pants, then sits back down in the bath. Only her bare back is shown.

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