Juicy moments in feature films
Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Toy Box Movie
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The Toy Box (1971)

Sexualrausch | La scatola dei giochi erotici | The Orgy Box
Movie type
1h 29min
Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
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The Toy Box (1971) is a classic horror movie that has been a cult favorite for decades. The movie follows a young couple, played by Michael J. Pollard and Susan Strasberg, as they move into an old house in the country. Little do they know, the house is haunted by a mysterious toy box that contains a sinister force.

The Toy Box is filled with sexual moments that make it a unique horror movie. One of the most memorable scenes is when the couple discovers a secret room in the house. Inside, they find a bed with a large toy box in the middle. As they explore the room, the toy box begins to move and the couple is soon surrounded by a group of dolls that come to life. The dolls then proceed to engage in a sexual dance, which is both creepy and erotic.

The sexual moments in The Toy Box don't end there. Later in the movie, the couple discovers a secret passage that leads to a room filled with mannequins. As they explore the room, the mannequins come to life and begin to engage in a sexual dance. This scene is particularly disturbing as the mannequins are not human and their movements are robotic and unnatural.

The Toy Box is a classic horror movie that is filled with sexual moments. From the creepy dolls to the robotic mannequins, the movie is filled with scenes that are both disturbing and erotic. If you're looking for a unique horror movie experience, The Toy Box is definitely worth a watch.

Juciy Scenes

Movie begins with woman receiving vibrator as a gift and while she is in the car alone, she begins to masturbate with it. Her left breast is exposed, vagina is not seen.

Same woman visits her friend and she masturbates while on a couch in front of him. Woman is completely nude and vagina can be seen through between the man's legs.


Same couple attends party where sexual orgy fantasies are being held.


Two nude girls have chains around their necks and act as lions to a guy wearing a toga and another nude woman. Man has sex (simulated) with nude woman while keeping the "lions" away. Lions finally overtake man and rub on him. Flaccid male penis and hairy vaginal area can be seen.


Numerous girls dance nude at the orgy party. Breasts and pubic area can be seen.


Woman brushing her hair in front of a mirror has one large breast exposed by a hand in a shoebox. Hand rubs breast. Same woman takes off clothes and puts on nightgown. Breasts and pubic hair can be seen. Same woman lays in bed and hands through bed sheets begin to fondle her nude body. Breasts, butt, and vagina can be seen.

 breast, simulated 

Girl in van parked in a drive-in movie has sexual dialogue with man in van. She is not wearing panties. They both go to the back of the van and have sex (simulated). Her naked body can be seen. Breasts are seen as well as pubic hair. Vagina is not seen while he rubs the top of her pubic hair with his hand. Girl simulates oral sex on the man. Her butt can be seen from behind while her head bobs up and down but vagina is not seen due to dark lighting.

 breast, couple 

Butcher places "dead" woman on butcher table and begins to have sex with her. Breasts and pubic hair can be seen as well as butcher's flaccid penis. Woman comes alive and couple moves to boiling water pot/cauldron. Rear of girl can be clearly seen including anus and vagina. Most is covered by smoke. Front of girl can be seen as she slides back and forth on man. Breasts and pubic hair is seen. Second dead woman hanging from meat hook comes alive. Breasts and pubic hair are seen the entire time.

 breast, couple, simulated 

Large sex orgy in living room takes place. A lot of nudity is seen including flaccid penises, breasts, vaginal lips, and pubic hair. Simulated sex takes place between numerous (about a dozen) couples.

 breast, couple 

Couple on a picnic have intercourse. Butt and breasts of woman can be seen.

 breast, couple 

Giant nude woman blocks another couple's way. Breasts and pubic hair of giant can be seen.

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