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Juicy moments in feature films
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Bitter Moon (1992)

Lunes de fiel | Luna amarga | Perversa luna de hiel | Gorki mesec | Горчива луна | Lua de Fel | Luna de hiel | Katkera kuu | Lua de Mel, Lua de Fel | Gorki mjesec | Τα Μαύρα Φεγγάρια του Έρωτα | Гіркий місяць | Bitter måne | Lunas de hiel | Kartus mėnuo | 赤い航路 | Luna di fiele | Acı Ay | Mah-e talkh | Luna amara | Hořký měsíc | Горькая луна | Grenki mesec | Keserű méz | Gorzkie gody
Movie type
2h 19min
Drama, Romance, Thriller
Hotness level

The 1992 movie "Bitter Moon" is a dark romantic drama directed by Roman Polanski. The movie follows the story of a married couple, Nigel and Fiona, who embark on a cruise to the Mediterranean. During the course of their journey, they meet a mysterious and seductive French couple, Mimi and Oscar, who have a strange and twisted relationship.

The movie is filled with sexual moments, from the moment Nigel and Fiona meet Mimi and Oscar. Mimi is a beautiful and seductive woman who is constantly flirting with Nigel. She teases him with her body and her words, and it is clear that she is trying to seduce him. Oscar, on the other hand, is a manipulative and controlling man who is constantly trying to control Mimi and her behavior.

The sexual tension between the four characters is palpable throughout the movie. Mimi and Oscar's relationship is filled with sexual games and power struggles. They often engage in sexual activities in front of Nigel and Fiona, and it is clear that they are trying to shock and titillate them.

The sexual moments in the movie are not just limited to Mimi and Oscar. Nigel and Fiona also have a passionate affair during the course of the movie. They engage in a number of steamy scenes, including a passionate kiss in the middle of the ocean.

Overall, "Bitter Moon" is a dark and twisted movie that is filled with sexual moments. The movie is a fascinating exploration of the power dynamics between couples, and the sexual moments are an integral part of the story.

Juciy Scenes
 couple, shower, simulated, close up 

How sex affects relationships is a prime focus of this film. Actual nudity is moderate: there are recurring scenes of topless females and male and female rears; a woman's pubic hair is discernable through a diaphanous dress during a seductive dance, no full frontal nudity. Sexual activity, however, is intense: it occurs frequently, ranging from close-up kissing of nipples and mildly simulated but erotic coitus, cunnilingus, and fellatio, to bizarre role-playing, to dangerous BDSM activity involving blunt force and sharp objects. Sex is weaponized, with infidelity used at various times by a man, a woman, and another woman to taunt and torment their respective partners. Also, a man who has broken up with his partner engages in numerous meaningless sexual relationships. Another man briefly cheats on his wife. A couple's sex life is ridiculed as boring. The sexual language is graphic: a man is asked if he "wants to f*ck" another man's wife, and there are detailed, explicit verbal descriptions of cunnilingus and of golden showers (urinating on a consenting person).


A woman dances provocatively in a semi-sheer dress. Her breasts are seen, and her pubic hair is discernable through the dress.


The same woman drinks milk and lets the milk drop onto her chest. She then rubs it on her body where you can see her breast. The milk is implied to simulate cum. She makes out with her husband then oral sex is implied.


The same couple go to a sex shop and the woman uses a dildo as a sword playfully.


The couple play in S&M outfits. The woman slowly runs her hand over the man's clothed genital area.

A prostitute is shown going down on a main character. No nudity shown just the woman's head bobbing up and down.

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