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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Fifth Cord Movie
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The Fifth Cord (1971)

Ein schwarzer Tag für den Widder | O Quinto Dedo | Le jour maléfique | Evil Fingers | Um Dia Negro | Злые пальцы | Tirsdagsmorderne | De sombere dag van de ram | Giornata nera per l'ariete | Crni dan za ovna | Våldets tecken | Der schwarze Tag des Widders | Chi dor sing chik sau lei hung | Orgía de amor y muerte | Shin koroshi no tekunikku: Tsugi wa omae da | Viides sormi | 新・殺しのテクニック 次はお前だ! | Un día negro | Το 5ο έγκλημα | Jour maléfique | The Fifth Chord | Journée noire pour un bélier | Journée Noire pour un Bélier | El día negro | Koçun kara günü | Zi neagră pentru un berbec | Crni dani | La quinta cuerda | Чёрный день для Овна | Οι 4 εκδικηταί | Zhi duo xing chi shou qin shong
Movie type
1h 32min
Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Hotness level

The Fifth Cord (1971) is a classic Italian thriller directed by Luigi Bazzoni. It tells the story of a journalist, Andrea, who is investigating a series of murders. As he delves deeper into the case, he discovers a web of secrets and lies that involve the victims, their families, and even his own past.

The film is known for its intense and suspenseful atmosphere, as well as its strong sexual content. Throughout the movie, there are several scenes that explore the sexual tension between the characters. One of the most memorable moments is when Andrea and his love interest, Giulia, share a passionate kiss in the rain. This scene is particularly powerful as it conveys the intensity of their feelings for each other.

Another memorable moment is when Andrea and Giulia make love in a hotel room. This scene is incredibly sensual and shows the couple’s deep connection. The scene is also notable for its use of slow motion, which adds to the intensity of the moment.

The Fifth Cord is a classic thriller that is still remembered for its intense atmosphere and sexual moments. The film is a must-see for fans of classic Italian cinema and those who appreciate a good suspenseful story.

Juciy Scenes
 breast, couple 

A clothed couple are fight playing in bed, and the woman's breast pops out of her shirt for a second.


A man and a woman are having sex while other people watch, the man's buttocks and the woman's breasts are seen.

A naked woman is lying on her stomach, and her buttocks is visible.


A quick shot of a topless dead woman lying in a bathtub.

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