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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Marlowe Movie
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Marlowe (1969)

L'investigatore Marlowe | Dedektif Marlow | A kicsi nővér | Der Dritte im Hinterhalt | Marlowe - en syl i ryggen | Detektiv Marlowe gegen den kleinen Drachen | Pikkusisko | Marlowe, detective privado | Vem blir nästa offer, Marlowe? | Misdaadjager Marlowe | The Little Sister | Marlowe, detective muy privado | La valse des truands | O tritos dolofonos perimenei | Марлоу | Detetive Marlowe em Ação | Marlowe tar saken | Detective em Acção
Movie type
1h 36min
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Hotness level

Marlowe (1969) is a classic film noir directed by Paul Bogart and starring James Garner as the titular character. The film follows private detective Philip Marlowe as he investigates a case involving a missing woman and a mysterious millionaire. While the plot is engaging and the performances are strong, one of the most memorable aspects of the film is its sexual moments.

Marlowe is a man of strong moral convictions, but he is also a man of passion. Throughout the film, he is seen flirting with various women, including the mysterious millionaire's wife, played by Gayle Hunnicutt. The sexual tension between Marlowe and Hunnicutt's character is palpable, and the two share a passionate kiss in one scene.

In another scene, Marlowe is seen in a hotel room with a woman he has just met. The two share a passionate embrace and kiss, and the scene is shot in a way that suggests the two are about to engage in a sexual encounter. However, Marlowe's moral convictions win out and he leaves the room before anything happens.

The sexual moments in Marlowe (1969) are subtle yet effective. They add an extra layer of tension to the film and help to further develop Marlowe's character. While the film is primarily a mystery, the sexual moments help to make it a classic.

Juciy Scenes

There is a scene featuring a stripper.her breasts and buttocks are visible. At one point her nipples are visible.

During the opening sequence, a photographer is shown taking photos of a man and a shirtless woman(no nudity).It is implied that the man and woman have sex,but nothing is shown. It is later revealed that the photographs are to be used for blackmail.

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