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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Strange Angel Movie
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Strange Angel (2018-2019)

奇妙な天使 | Странный ангел
Movie type
1h 0min
Drama, Mystery
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The 2018 television series Strange Angel is a unique and captivating show that explores the life of Jack Parsons, a brilliant scientist and occultist. The show is filled with sexual moments that add to the drama and intrigue of the story.

The show begins with Jack and his wife Susan engaging in a passionate love affair. This sets the tone for the rest of the series as Jack is constantly exploring his sexuality. He has a number of encounters with other women, including a brief affair with a married woman.

Jack's exploration of the occult also leads him to explore his own sexuality. He is fascinated by the idea of sexual magic and begins to experiment with it. He has a number of sexual encounters with other occultists, including a ritualistic orgy.

Jack's relationship with his mentor, Ernest, is also filled with sexual tension. The two men have a deep connection and Ernest encourages Jack to explore his sexuality. Jack eventually begins a relationship with Ernest's wife, which leads to a number of steamy scenes.

The show also features a number of other sexual moments, including a scene where Jack and Susan engage in a threesome. This scene is particularly interesting as it shows Jack's willingness to explore his sexuality and his openness to new experiences.

Overall, Strange Angel is a fascinating show that explores the life of a brilliant scientist and occultist. The show is filled with sexual moments that add to the drama and intrigue of the story. These moments help to make the show even more captivating and provide an interesting look into the life of Jack Parsons.

Juciy Scenes

Includes depictions of a sexual activity in the context of a sex cult. Scenes include glimpses of sexual activity with female nudity visible on several occasions. Oral sex performed both on male and female characters is the focal point of several scenes although no nudity below the waist is shown. Women's breasts and backsides are glimpsed briefly in a sexual context.

A man refers to "plans" he has for the evening, another man asks for her name.

A man makes a metaphor for pregnancy.

A woman reads an article that references sexual perversion.

A woman makes a remark regarding sharing a bed with a man.

A man talks to another man about sexual frustration.

A man and woman kiss.

A man puts his hand over a clothed woman's womb.

A woman makes a comment on a virgin bride and a harem.

A man and woman talk about the man having sexual desires with other women.

A man implies to a woman that her husband could be cheating on her, and he implies that she could be cheating on the husband.

A woman tells a man that she and her husband are taking "precautions" referring to pregnancy.


A man makes an innuendo about a teenage girl having boys over.

A man jokes to another man in front of a woman about him trying to have sex with a woman.

Two girls talk to each other with innuendos, asking if the other has had sexual relationships with certain men.

A man zips up a dress a woman is wearing, her bare back is exposed.

 breast, bath 

A woman sits nude in a bathtub (her breasts and genitalia are not visible).


A woman is shown showering, the camera angle is from the upper-chest upward. She is then shown out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her.

A man is in robes and a women finishes dressing, it is heavily implied that they had sex. The man is an authority in the organization that they are both in, and it is implied that he had sex with a disciple. She also remarks that he was not "careful" with her.

A women tells a man over the phone that she "won't be able to behave herself" refers to sex.

A female prostitute makes a remark about a man's sexuality.

A woman unbuttons her shirt and undoes her bra (seen from behind), then puts a night-gown like cloth on.

A man references sodomy.

A woman is loosely clothed in robes.

A woman wears a ritual gown that is slightly see-through (her bare nipples can be seen).

A woman vaguely offers to a man that they have sex, but he declines.

A man watches performers in revealing clothing dance in what appears to be an early 1900s strip club.

A group of prostitutes wearing see-through clothing stand against a wall.

A woman moans heavily in a sexual way during a ritual (she is not having sex though).


During a ritual a woman moans and orgasms.


A teenage girl and what appears to be a teenage boy make out, he is obscurely seen reaching under her dress.

A woman is shown wearing a light nightgown, her nipples can be seen through it.

A woman reaches under her nightgown and pleasures herself, she breathes heavily.


A woman lays on a bed and lowers her robe revealing a bare breast, it is implied that she and the man she is with have sex.


In a fantasy world a man is pleasured by a harem, he and the women are nude, but sheets cover genitalia and breasts. A woman in an elaborate headdress is shown on top of him thrusting.

A man and two women have sex on a couch. They are clothed, but one woman's bare buttocks is visible and she gyrates on the man and the two women moan lightly.


A man and woman have sex, his bare chest is visible and her bare back and outline of her breasts and nipples can be seen (lights are off). She rides him and they both moan.

A man and woman kiss, they then lay on a bed, and the man pulls up her dress and removes her briefs then, proceeds to perform Cunnilingus on her, but she stops him.


A man and two women engage in a threesome, he watches as the two women kiss and one of them undresses the other (bare breasts exposed). She then kisses the man.


In a religious ceremony a nude woman (bare breasts exposed) receives Cunnilingus from a man in robes. She moans loudly. (graphic)

A prostitute unzips a man's pants and begins to perform fellatio on him (no nudity). Another man having the same done to him watches the first man.

A man and woman have sex in a bed, she wears a light nightgown while he is shirtless. They kiss and breath heavily with thrusting motions (only shown torso up). The man is depicted pulling out and ejaculating beside her, he moans.


A nude woman wears a small piece of cloth covering her genitalia and holds a goblet in front of her breasts during a ceremony, in another episode the same ceremony occurs again and her bare breasts are exposed.

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