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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of I Am Curious (Yellow) Movie
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I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967)

Soy curiosa - Amarillo | Olen utelias - keltainen | Eu Sou Curiosa - Amarelo | Jestem ciekawa w kolorze żółtym | Io sono curiosa | Jag är nyfiken - gul | Я любопытна - фильм в жёлтом | Jeg er nysgerrig | Jag är nyfiken - en film i gult | Аз съм любопитна-жълто | I Am Curious - Yellow | Ich bin neugierig (gelb) | Είμαι περίεργη: Κίτρινη | Soy curiosa amarillo | Ja sam radoznala (žuto) | Yo soy curiosa | Olen utelias - Keltainen | Sou Curiosa | Nyfiken gul | Kíváncsi vagyok - sárga | 私は好奇心の強い女(1966) | Je suis curieuse | Watashi wa kôkishin no tsuyoi onna
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2h 1min
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The 1967 Swedish film, "I Am Curious (Yellow)", is a groundbreaking work of art that has been praised for its bold and daring exploration of sexuality. The film follows the story of a young woman, Lena, as she navigates her way through the complexities of life in 1960s Sweden.

The film contains several sexually charged scenes that were considered quite risqué for the time. One of the most memorable scenes is when Lena and her boyfriend, Börje, are in bed together. Lena is wearing a nightgown and Börje is shirtless. The two engage in a passionate kiss before Börje begins to undress Lena. The scene is shot in a way that suggests that the two are about to engage in sexual intercourse, although they never actually do.

Another memorable scene is when Lena visits a nudist beach. Here, she is surrounded by nude men and women, and she is clearly uncomfortable with the situation. However, she eventually relaxes and begins to enjoy the experience. This scene is significant because it was one of the first times that nudity was depicted in a mainstream film.

The film also contains a scene in which Lena and Börje discuss their sexual fantasies. This scene is important because it shows that the two are comfortable talking about sex and exploring their desires.

Overall, "I Am Curious (Yellow)" is a groundbreaking film that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in cinema at the time. Its exploration of sexuality was daring and revolutionary, and it paved the way for more open discussions about sex in the years to come.

Juciy Scenes

The character Lena is topless many times throughout and with pubic hair exposed a few times.


A woman and a man have sex in her room. The scene includes male and female nudity, front and back but genitals are barely visible. The couple are shown nude in a kneeling embrace and again lying together afterwards. Then they make love again, and again the scene cuts from starting to afterwards.


The same couple make love fully clothed on a bridge in full view of a security guard.

 couple, close up 

The couple are shown in close-up engaged in cunnilingus and mutual fondling of the genitals. The woman kisses and caresses the partially obscured penis through his abundant pubic hair with her lips, purposely avoiding anything further to limit censorship. Nevertheless, this is the scene that resulted in this film being seized by U.S. Customs around 1969, found at trial to be obscene but reversed on appeal.

A man and a woman fight nude and end up having sex. This scene includes extensive frontal nudity but the male's is obscured by dark shadows and pubic hair.


The couple make love in a tree, in full view of a number of people.


A book has line drawings of couples in various sexual positions.

A woman is topless throughout a retreat. This is an extended sequence.

 breast, close up 

A man and a woman are seen fully nude being treated for scabies. This sequence includes close-up shots of her breasts and his genitals.

We see a man urinating from behind, fully clothed, twice.

There is frank discussion of sexual topics including responsible free love.

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