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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Last Tango in Paris Movie
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Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Le dernier Tango à Paris | Posljednji tango u Parizu | Último tango en París | Ultimo tango a Parigi | Sista tangon i Paris | Paris'te Son Tango | Ultimul tango la Paris | Último Tango em Paris | El último tango en París | Ultimo Tango a Parigi | Paskutinis tango Paryžiuje | Siste tango i Paris | Poslední tango v Parízi | Το τελευταίο τανγκό στο Παρίσι | ラストタンゴ・イン・パリ | Viimane tango Pariisis | Viimeinen tango Pariisissa | Sidste tango i Paris | Ha-Tango Ha-Aharon B'Pariz | Ostatnie tango w Paryżu | Der letzte Tango in Paris | Poslednji tango u Parizu | Останнє танго в Парижі | Последнее танго в Париже | 巴黎最後探戈 | Az utolsó tangó Párizsban | De laatste tango te Parijs | O Último Tango em Paris | Последно танго в Париж
Movie type
2h 9min
Drama, Romance
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Last Tango in Paris (1972) is a classic film that has been praised for its exploration of sexuality and its controversial depiction of a passionate relationship. The film stars Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider as two strangers who meet in Paris and embark on a passionate affair.

The film is known for its explicit sexual scenes, which were groundbreaking for the time. The most famous scene is the infamous “butter scene”, in which Brando’s character uses butter as a lubricant during a sexual encounter. This scene has been widely discussed and analyzed, and is often cited as an example of the film’s exploration of the power dynamics of sex.

The film also features several other sexually charged scenes, including a scene in which Brando’s character forces Schneider’s character to perform oral sex on him. This scene has been criticized for its depiction of sexual violence, and has been the subject of much debate.

Overall, Last Tango in Paris is a classic film that has been praised for its exploration of sexuality. The film’s explicit sexual scenes are often cited as groundbreaking, and have been the subject of much debate and analysis.

Juciy Scenes

Although all actual sex scenes show the characters at least mostly clothed, the camera does not shy away from full frontal female nudity in other scenes. The sex scenes are always shot so that the entire bodies are in view.

Two strangers have sex while fully clothed. When they break apart, the woman is seen nude from the waist down.


A couple are seen nude sitting with their legs entwined on the floor. They are shown only from the side.


A couple have a lengthy conversation while the woman is topless. Eventually, she opens her jeans and puts her hand inside to masturbate.


A couple have a long conversation while the woman is fully nude.


A man pulls a woman's pants down and, without having advised the actress what was to happen, shoves a stick of butter onto/into her rectum (shown only from the side, at a distance) to prepare her for anal sex. The simulated rape is shown with the man remaining fully clothed throughout.

 bath, close up 

The camera in close-up follows the hem of a woman's dress as she slowly raises it to show a man that she has nothing on underneath. He, still fully clothed, bathes her, soaping her with a washcloth front and back. He has her insert two fingers into his rectum as the camera moves to a waist-up shot.

A woman unzips a man's pants and masturbates him in a darkened section of a bar.


In addition, a woman shows a photograph of a native African woman with her breasts exposed. There is also a scene in which a man moons a woman in a crowded place.

In the scenes with full-frontal female nudity, no labia are shown; the woman involved has very thick, extensive pubic hair.

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