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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Closely Watched Trains Movie
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Closely Watched Trains (1966)

O άνθρωπος που έβλεπε τα τρένα να περνούν | Trens Estreitamente Vigiados | Tarkoin vartioidut junat | Trains étroitement surveillés | Liebe nach Fahrplan | Comboios Rigorosamente Vigiados | 厳重に監視された列車 | O anthropos pou evlepe ta traina na pernoun | Trenes rigurosamente vigilados | Ostre sledované vlaky | Genjû ni Kanshi sareta Ressha | 严密监视的列车 | Strogo kontrolisani vozovi | Closely Observed Trains | Tog under oppsikt | Ostro sledované vlaky | Szigorúan ellenőrzött vonatok | Låt tågen gå | Поїзди під пильним спостереженням | Treni strettamente sorvegliati | Поезда под пристальным наблюдением | Trenuri strict supravegheate | Ostře sledované vlaky | Rongid range järelevalve all | Scharf beobachtete Züge | Los trenes rigurosamente vigilados | Pociągi pod specjalnym nadzorem | Strogo kontrolirani vlakovi | Строго охранявани влакове | Skarpt bevogtede tog
Movie type
1h 32min
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Closely Watched Trains (1966) is a Czechoslovakian film directed by Jiří Menzel. It is a coming-of-age story about a young man named Milos who works as a train dispatcher at a small station during World War II. The film is known for its subtle and nuanced exploration of sexuality and its impact on Milos’s life.

The film opens with Milos’s first day on the job. He is quickly taken under the wing of the stationmaster, who gives him advice on how to handle the job and the women who work there. Milos is immediately attracted to the stationmaster’s daughter, Masha, and the two begin a flirtatious relationship.

Throughout the film, Milos’s sexuality is explored in a variety of ways. He is shown to be both shy and awkward around women, yet also eager to explore his sexuality. His relationship with Masha is a key part of this exploration, as the two engage in playful banter and flirtation.

The film also explores the idea of sexual repression and its consequences. Milos is constantly struggling to control his desires, and his attempts to do so often lead to frustration and confusion. This is highlighted in a scene where Milos is caught masturbating in the station’s bathroom.

The film also touches on the idea of sexual liberation. Milos eventually finds the courage to pursue his desires, and his relationship with Masha is a key part of this journey. The film ends with Milos and Masha finally consummating their relationship, a moment that is both tender and triumphant.

Closely Watched Trains is a powerful exploration of sexuality and its impact on a young man’s life. The film’s nuanced and subtle approach to the subject makes it a timeless classic.

Juciy Scenes

One of the main theme is eroticism, so the film is full of sexual related images.

A woman rubs a pencil down her shirt, two men stare at this.

A woman shows off her legs in an sexual manner.


A man decries pornography. A young man and a young woman lay in bed together, kissing, and want to have sex, but can't because "they hear everything here". A young man is naked a bathtub, but no explicit nudity. A brief scene with a girl in a nightgown. Two people playfully chase each other, kiss, and then she exposes her butt for about five seconds for him to spank her. The act is not shown, but he places rubber stamps on her leg and butt. A doctor tells a young man he is too healthy, which can lead to "premature ejaculation", and tells him to accept his burgeoning sexuality, including to choose an older woman to begin lovemaking. A young man and woman have sex (implied).

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