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Cover Of Emanuelle, Queen of Sados Movie
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Emanuelle, Queen of Sados (1980)

I Emmanouella sto nisi tis Afroditis | Emanuelle's Sweet Revenge | I mavri Emmanouella | Emmanuelle la diosa del amor | Hembra erótica | Emanuelle the Seductress | Эммануэль: Королева страсти | Emmanuelle, Queen of Sados | Emanuelle på passionernas ö | Emanuelle intohimojen saarella | Emanuelle: Queen of Sadoz | Black Emmanouella | Emanuelle: Queen Bitch | Córka Emanuelle | Emmanuelle reina del amor | Secrets érotiques d'Emmanuelle | Emanuelle: Erotikkens dronning | Die Nackte von Sados | Die Königin von Sados | Sexy Moon | Η μαύρη Εμμανουέλα | Emanuelle's Daughter | Emanuelle: Königin von Sados | Sexy Tahiti | Emanuelle - kraljica Sadosa
Movie type
1h 31min
Crime, Drama
Hotness level

Emanuelle, Queen of Sados is a 1980 Italian erotic drama film directed by Joe D'Amato. The film follows the story of Emanuelle, a young woman who is sent to a remote castle to serve as a governess. Once there, she discovers the castle is home to a group of sadomasochists who use her as their plaything.

The film is filled with explicit sexual scenes, ranging from mild bondage to full-on BDSM. In one scene, Emanuelle is tied up and whipped by a group of masked men. In another, she is forced to perform oral sex on a man while being watched by the other members of the castle. There are also scenes of Emanuelle being spanked, humiliated, and forced to engage in various sexual acts.

The film also features a number of lesbian scenes, including one in which Emanuelle is seduced by a female member of the castle. In another, she is forced to watch as two women engage in a passionate embrace.

Emanuelle, Queen of Sados is a unique and provocative film that explores the world of BDSM and its effects on those who participate in it. While the film may be too explicit for some viewers, it is an interesting look at the world of BDSM and the power dynamics that exist within it.

Juciy Scenes

Livia Russo appears fully nude in several scenes. She was only 14 when she filmed them.

A naked man is on top of a naked woman. He licks and sucks one of her nipple. Then he goes down on her and her vagina and pubic hairs are clearly visible. He proceeds to lick her vagina however one of her leg is raised so it is not visible. She then turns over and the man kisses her on buttocks. He then enters her from behind and thrusts into her. Later she rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Later he penetrates her from sideways and his testicles are visible.


A topless woman walks down the stairs. A man carries another woman whose robe is open and her breasts and pubic hairs are visible. He then lays her down on the floor in front of an old man and along with the other woman pinnes her down. Old man has a long stick in his hands and it is implied that he forces it into the woman's vagina. Daughter of that woman watches it and falls unconscious.

A naked woman is riding a horse in the sea.

A man and woman are in an airplane toilet. He brings down her pants and her buttocks are partially visible. Then it is implied that they have sex.

 breast, bath, shower, close up 

A 13 year old girl is bathing nude in the bathroom. Her undeveloped breasts and pubic hairs are visible. Her mother talks to her while she is bathing. This scene contains an extended full frontal shot of the girl showering as well as a shot that pans down the girls body, giving viewers a closeup view of both her breasts and genitais.

A topless woman is preparing some food. Her boobs are visible. Later she is leaning against a washing machine and man removes her panties revealing her buttocks and pubic hairs. He enters her from behind. Then he sucks her nipples and as a result they become very long and erect. He then kisses her vagina and humps her from front.


A topless girl is giving massage to a man. Later both of them are naked. Male penis is visible for small time. He french kisses her and sucks her breasts.

A topless woman is shown to be doing oral sex to a man. No nudity visible.


A man is massaging breasts of a topless woman.

 breast, teen 

A teenage boy and slightly younger girl kiss each other. The girl's breasts are visible. Later both of them become naked.


Man chases and undresses young girl, struggles with her, then rapes her. The girl is seen completely nude during this sequence, as well as when she stands up and walks away afterwards. Man is shown with hands near or on her breasts, appears to put his mouth on her nipples and pubic area.

Nudity in the movie is very graphical. Full frontal female nudity. Description below is just a summary of some scenes for making people aware.

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