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Cover Of From Russia with Love Movie
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From Russia with Love (1963)

Srdečné pozdravy z Ruska | Ian Fleming's from Russia with Love | James Bond 007 - Liebesgrüße aus Moskau | A 007, dalla Russia con amore | 007: З Росії з любов'ю | Salainen agentti 007 Istanbulissa | Bons baisers de Russie | Den hemliga agenten 007 i Istanbul | 007/Roshia yori ai o komete | Из России с любовью | Tình Yêu Đến Từ Nước Nga | Από τη Ρωσία με αγάπη | От Русия с любов | Srdecné pozdravy z Ruska | Din Rusia cu drag | Desde Rusia con amor | De Rusia con amor | 007/危機一発 | 007 - Ordem para Matar | Des de Rússia amb Amor | El regreso del agente 007 | Agent 007 ser rött | Iz Rusije s ljubavlju | Rusya'dan Sevgilerle | James Bond: Srdečné pozdravy z Ruska | Из Русије с љубављу | Pozdrowienia z Rosji | James Bond, praktor 007 se pagida | Din Rusia, cu dragoste | Pozdrowienia z Moskwy | 007: From Russia with Love | Moscou Contra 007 | 007: Desde Rusia con amor | 007: Armastusega Venemaalt | Oroszországból szeretettel | El regreso del Agente 007 | 第七號情報員續集 | James Bond 007 - Apo ti Rosia me agapi | James Bond - Oroszországból szeretettel | Istanbulissa | Hartelijke kussen uit Rusland | Iš Rusijos su meile | M'Russia B'Ahava | Den hemliga agenten i Istanbul | Agent 007 jages
Movie type
1h 55min
Action, Adventure, Thriller
Hotness level

From Russia with Love (1963) is a classic James Bond movie that is still beloved by fans today. It is known for its thrilling action sequences and its iconic theme song, but it also has some memorable sexual moments.

The movie begins with a seductive scene between Bond and his Russian contact, Tatiana Romanova. The two share a passionate kiss before Bond is sent on his mission. Later, Bond and Tatiana share a romantic dinner in Istanbul, where they flirt and share a few intimate moments.

The movie also features a memorable scene between Bond and the villainous Rosa Klebb. Klebb attempts to seduce Bond in order to get information from him, but Bond is able to resist her advances. This scene is often cited as one of the most iconic sexual moments in the Bond franchise.

Finally, the movie ends with a passionate kiss between Bond and Tatiana. This moment is a fitting end to the movie, as it shows that Bond and Tatiana have developed a strong bond despite the danger and intrigue of their mission.

Overall, From Russia with Love is a classic Bond movie that features some memorable sexual moments. These moments add to the movie's overall appeal and help to make it one of the most beloved Bond films of all time.

Juciy Scenes

As with most Bond movies, the intro features scantly clad women dancing. Although the credits are dark, cleavage, bare abdomens and legs can be seen.

Two woman in crop-tops and bikini bottoms wrestle. Ample cleavage and abdomen can be seen.


A woman is briefly seen nude climbing into bed. Rear nudity and bare breasts are visible for about three seconds.

A woman wears lingerie. No nudity is seen, however the outline of her nipples is clearly visible.

A shirtless Bond kisses a woman wearing a bikini. Cleavage and abdomen are visible. Sex is implied.

A woman with a low cut dress tries to seduce a man. Deep cleavage is visible throughout.

A belly dancer is featured in traditional garb. Cleavage and bare abdomen are visible.

A masseuse removes her shirt and skirt revealing a brassierie and high waisted panties as per 1960s fashion.

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