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Cover Of Kinsey Movie
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Kinsey (2004)

Kinsey - Die Wahrheit über Sex | Dr. Kinsey | Kinsey - Ας μιλήσουμε για το σεξ | Kinsey: El científico del sexo | Kinsey - As milisoume gia to sex | 愛についてのキンゼイ・レポート | Relatório Kinsey | Kinsey, el científico del sexo | 金賽性學教室 | Доктор Кинси | Kinsi | Kinsey: Vamos Falar de Sexo | Kinsey - Mindenki másképp csinálja | Kinsis
Movie type
1h 58min
Biography, Drama, Romance
Hotness level

Kinsey (2004) is a biographical drama film about the life of Alfred Kinsey, a pioneering sex researcher. The film follows Kinsey's journey from his childhood to adulthood, and his groundbreaking research into human sexuality.

The film is filled with sexual moments that explore the complexities of human sexuality. One of the most powerful scenes is when Kinsey interviews a married couple about their sex life. The couple is hesitant to talk about their intimate moments, but Kinsey is able to get them to open up and discuss their experiences. This scene is a powerful reminder of the importance of communication in relationships.

Another memorable scene is when Kinsey interviews a woman who has had multiple sexual partners. She talks candidly about her experiences and how she has explored her sexuality. This scene is a reminder that sexuality is a personal journey and that everyone should be free to explore it in their own way.

The film also explores the idea of sexual repression and how it can affect people. Kinsey's research reveals that many people are repressing their sexual desires and this can lead to feelings of guilt and shame. The film shows how important it is to be open and honest about our sexuality and to accept ourselves for who we are.

Overall, Kinsey (2004) is a powerful film that explores the complexities of human sexuality. The film is filled with sexual moments that remind us of the importance of communication, exploration, and acceptance.

Juciy Scenes

The whole movie involves graphic and almost constant sexual dialogue, as well as sex scenes and graphic male nudity. Sexual intercourses and problems are often and graphically talked about. Books, articles, documents, and demographics about the sexual lives and preferences of people are frequently worked on. Both heterosexual and homosexual contents are depicted and discussed. Many married people cheat on their spouses. Masturbation, ejaculation, orgasms, oral sex, rape, sadomasochistic practices, beastiality, incest, and pedophilia are all mentioned. However, none of the sexual content in the film is meant to be erotic or titillating.

A husband and his wife make love twice. Firstly we see them in bed (they are both clothed and completely covered by the sheets). They are both still virgins; he penetrates her (we see some thrusting), but the woman stops him because she is in too much pain. In another scene, they are partially unclothed while having sex, the man is behind the woman; no nudity is shown. We hear them moaning but the scene is very brief.


In one scene, a doctor asks the married couple to indicate him how long is the husband's erect penis, by using an about 20 cm-long measuring rod as example; when the wife indicates that it is longer than the rod, the doctor remarks that "it's a miracle she didn't faint" (referring to that being her first time).


A man undresses in front of another man, then goes to have a shower (offscreen); afterwards he is seen fully naked again as he puts on his pajama trousers. Both scenes involve clear full frontal and rear nudity.

A man speaks provocatively to another man, and asks him if he'd like to try a homosexual experience. They kiss passionately, and later on it is verbally implied that they had sex (the act is not shown). No nudity.

A man asks another man's wife (with the husband present) if she'd like to have sex with him, and she agrees. They are briefly seen on a bed kissing (the man is fully naked and his butt is visible), but sex is not pictured.

Two men are seen shirtless while and after gardening, but this is neither nudity nor sex.

A fully clothed man masturbates in front of two men and climaxes (nothing is seen).


A teenage boy masturbates and moans (we only see his hand moving underneath the blanket). No nudity

Photos of a vagina and an erect penis entering a vagina are shown (very graphic).

Pornographic drawings and photos are shown.


Black and white glimpses of various people having sex are seen. Most of them are married to other people. Bare breasts are shown. A man licks a woman's nipple. A woman kisses a man's chest. No male nudity


A short, black and white film depicting an old woman having sex with a man is shown and discussed. Her bare breasts are seen, but no male nudity.

During the end credits, black and white clips of courting and mating animals are shown.

A man and a woman kiss.

A man and a woman kiss while celebrating their marriage.

A married man flirts with a married woman and kisses her on the neck. It is said and shown that they have sex.


A man says that his first homosexual experience was with his own father at the age of 11 years old. He reports having had sex with half the members of his extended family. He claims to having had sex with thousands of men and women (9500 in total), and hundreds of pre-adoloscent girls (200+) and boys (600+), as well as with 22 different animal species. When he begins to describe what a little boy's orgasm is like, the interviewers interrupt his account.

A young man says he once tied his balls with a rope and jerked off.

A old man speaks about how he was a chronic masturbator when he was 10 years old, and had to wear a very tight belt to prevent him to come into contact with his genitails.

A man jokingly calls his wife a "penis-biter".

A man makes a remark about his "third leg" wanting to work (meaning he wants to have sex).

A young man confesses to a male friend that he is worried by his frequent nocturnal ejaculations.


A gay young man speaks about when his father found him having sex with his lover.

A woman talks about having had an affair with another woman and about how Kinsey's studies helped her put her experience into perspective.

A man mentions that his wife admitted to be attracted to other men.

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