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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Some Like It Hot Movie
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Some Like It Hot (1959)

Quanto Mais Quente Melhor | Дехто любить гаряченьке | Ningú no és perfecte | Certains l'aiment chaud | Bazıları Sıcak Sever | B джaзе только девушки | Merikoi to protimoun kafto | Некоторые любят погорячее | Nekateri so za vroče | Una Eva y dos Adanes | Van, aki forrón szereti | Unora le place jazzul | Bazia daghesho doust darand | Manche mögen's heiß | 熱情如火 | Деякі полюбляють гарячіше | Niekto to rád horúce | Some like it hot - Noen har det hett | Una Eva y dos a | 热情似火 | У джазі тільки дівчата | Con faldas y a lo loco | Nekdo to rád horké | Pół żartem, pół serio | Някои го предпочитат горещо | Neki to vole vruće | سوم لايك إت هوت | O atsui no ga o suki | В джазе только девушки | I hetaste laget | A qualcuno piace caldo | Hett om öronen | Noen har det hett | Ingen er fuldkommen | Džiaze tik merginos | Неки то воле вруће | Hamim V'Taeem | お熱いのがお好き | Quanto Mais Quente, Melhor | Unora le place jazul | Not Tonight, Josephine! | Μερικοί το προτιμούν καυτό | Piukat paikat | Džässis ainult tüdrukud
Movie type
2h 1min
Comedy, Music, Romance
Hotness level

Some Like It Hot (1959) is a classic comedy film directed by Billy Wilder and starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. The film follows two musicians, Joe and Jerry, who witness a mob hit and must disguise themselves as women to escape the mob. In the process, they join an all-female band and find themselves in a variety of comedic and romantic situations.

One of the most memorable aspects of Some Like It Hot is its sexual moments. The film is filled with sexual innuendo and double entendres, as well as some of the most iconic images of Marilyn Monroe. In one scene, Monroe's character, Sugar Kane, performs a sultry rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved By You" in a nightclub. The scene is filled with sexual tension, as Joe (Curtis) and Jerry (Lemmon) watch from the audience, both of them clearly smitten with Sugar.

The film also features a memorable scene in which Joe and Jerry, in their female disguises, share a bed in a hotel room. Joe, in particular, is uncomfortable with the situation and tries to keep his distance from Jerry. However, Jerry is more open to the idea and even tries to seduce Joe. The scene is both funny and awkward, as Joe and Jerry try to navigate their feelings for each other while in disguise.

Overall, Some Like It Hot is a classic comedy that is still beloved by audiences today. The film's sexual moments are some of its most memorable, and they help to create a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

Juciy Scenes

There is no nudity or graphic discussion of sex.

During Daphne's 'Train Party' there are a lot of bare legs on display when all the girls decide to join in. All feet are also bare, and whilst fairly innocent today, these were body parts generally covered up in films made prior to the 1960s.

No suggestive male attire or nudity.


A woman wears a dress in which her breasts are almost completely bare except for some covering of her nipples. However the film is black and white so it is difficult to see clearly

Scenes of two characters kissing on a couch (no sexual activity).

Characters frequently scantily clad.

Some sexual innuendo and play with sexual identity in the dialog.

Humor is often based on sexual confusion and comic sexual situations

Comic verbal innuendo

At one point, it is implied a man (desguised a woman) has an erection

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