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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Mind Your Language Movie
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Mind Your Language (1977-1986)

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Mind Your Language (1977) is a British comedy film that follows the story of a group of adult students learning English as a foreign language. The film is full of sexual moments that make it a classic comedy.

The film follows the story of a group of students from different countries who are learning English in a language school. The students are from different backgrounds and have different levels of English proficiency. The teacher, Mr. Brown, is a strict disciplinarian who is determined to teach the students the language.

One of the most memorable sexual moments in the film is when the teacher, Mr. Brown, is teaching the students about the English language. He explains the meaning of the word “sexy” and then proceeds to demonstrate it by showing the students a picture of a woman in a bikini. The students are shocked and amused by the teacher’s demonstration.

Another sexual moment occurs when the students are in the classroom and one of the female students, Anna, is wearing a revealing dress. The other students are clearly attracted to her and the teacher notices this. He then proceeds to give a lecture on the importance of respecting women and not objectifying them.

The film also features a scene where the students are discussing the differences between men and women. The conversation quickly turns to the topic of sex and the students start to share their experiences and opinions. This leads to some humorous moments as the students try to understand the concept of sex and its implications.

Overall, Mind Your Language (1977) is a classic comedy that is full of sexual moments. The film is a great example of how comedy can be used to explore sensitive topics such as sex and gender. It is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a good laugh.

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Season 2 - E6 - There are nude posters on the wall of an flat they visit. The flat (set) remains for approximately half the episode. They are mostly obscure but you can figure out they the posters contain topless nudity, especially in some cut scenes where they are slightly more visible because of the angle. Its never put into focus up close.


A running gag (but happens about less than 3 times) involves Mr Brown in bed and a woman putting her breasts on Mr Brown's face. Although, it's usually because she is fixing something, like in S1E09 and in S3E03. Played for laughs.

A running gag throughout the series involves the attractive young women in the class propositioning their teacher and making references to love making and going to bed, while the teacher attempts to maintain his professionalism.

There are references and innuendos in this show. Kisses are shared between few characters.


In some episodes, characters are shown reading suggestive magazines. This is more frequent in Season 2

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