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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Romantic Englishwoman Movie
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The Romantic Englishwoman (1975)

Die Kokainfalle | A Inglesa Romântica | La inglesa romántica | I romantiki Anglida | Die romantische Engländerin | Una inglesa romántica | Den romantiske englænderinde | Egy romantikus angol nő | Romantyczna Angielka | Tillfällig förbindelse | Романтичная англичанка | O englezoaică romantică | Den romantiska engelskan | Романтичната англичанка | Una romantica donna inglese | Une Anglaise romantique
Movie type
1h 56min
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Hotness level

The Romantic Englishwoman is a 1975 British drama film directed by Joseph Losey and starring Glenda Jackson, Michael Caine, and Helmut Berger. The film follows the story of a bored housewife, Elizabeth (Jackson), who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after her husband leaves her for another woman. Along the way, she meets a variety of characters, including a mysterious writer, Thomas (Caine), who helps her to explore her sexuality.

The Romantic Englishwoman is a film that is not afraid to explore the complexities of human sexuality. Throughout the film, Elizabeth is presented with a variety of sexual moments that challenge her to confront her own desires and fears. In one scene, Elizabeth and Thomas share a passionate kiss in a hotel room, which is both tender and intense. In another scene, Elizabeth is seduced by a stranger in a bar, and she is forced to confront her own feelings of guilt and shame.

The film also features a number of other sexual moments, including a steamy love scene between Elizabeth and Thomas, and a scene in which Elizabeth is propositioned by a married man. These scenes are not only sexually charged, but they also serve to highlight the complexities of human sexuality and the power of desire.

Overall, The Romantic Englishwoman is a powerful exploration of human sexuality. The film is not afraid to confront the complexities of desire and the power of sexual attraction. It is a film that is sure to leave viewers with a lot to think about.

Juciy Scenes

We see a man and a woman having a sensuous encounter on a lift (an open European elevator). The two remain fully clothed but the woman's thigh and upper leg can be seen.


A man and a woman have a sexual encounter outside in the yard. He unties her robe and for a few moments we see that she is fully nude from the front. Her breasts and pubic area are visible until she lays down on her side. Interrupted by a neighbor, we see the woman walking away into the house fully nude from behind.


We see numerous occasions of couples in bed together, yet most often they are in pajamas and nightgowns. In one such scene, the man is seen sitting on the bed nude yet his genitals are not seen.


We see a man and a woman sitting on the edge of a pool, both are fully nude. The camera angle is from behind them and a small portion of the mans buttock can be seen and the right breast of the woman is clearly visible for this entire scene.

We see numerous "flashbacks" to the original lift encounter throughout the film yet both characters remain fully clothed.

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