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Juicy moments in feature films
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Inserts (1975)

Feliratok | Närgångna bilder | Il pornografo | Вставки | ボーイ・ワンダーの孤独 | Nahaufnahmen | Erotiko gros plan | Closeups | Tæt på | Insertos | Вмъкнато | Cięcia | Inserturi | Gros plan
Movie type
1h 57min
Comedy, Drama
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Inserts (1975) is a cult classic film directed by John Byrum. It stars Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Harper, and Bob Hoskins. The film follows a group of actors in the 1930s who are struggling to make it in Hollywood. They are desperate for success and will do anything to get it, including engaging in sexual activities.

The film contains several explicit sexual moments that are both shocking and titillating. One of the most memorable scenes is when Richard Dreyfuss' character, Jack, has a threesome with two women. The scene is graphic and intense, and it is clear that Jack is enjoying himself. Another memorable scene is when Jack and Jessica Harper's character, Claire, have a passionate lovemaking session. The scene is shot in a very intimate way, and it is clear that the two characters are deeply in love.

The film also contains several scenes of nudity and simulated sex. These scenes are not as explicit as the ones mentioned above, but they still add to the overall atmosphere of the film. The nudity and simulated sex scenes are used to emphasize the desperation of the characters and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make it in Hollywood.

Overall, Inserts (1975) is a classic film that contains several explicit sexual moments. These moments are both shocking and titillating, and they add to the overall atmosphere of the film. The film is a must-see for anyone who is interested in classic cinema and the sexual revolution of the 1970s.

Juciy Scenes

Extended full-frontal male nudity, topless male nudity; a man's erect penis is shown, pubic hair.

Strong graphic sexual dialog throughout.

 breast, simulated 

In a cinema, people watch a pornographic film. A man sits on a bed wearing only an ascot next to a woman in a nightgown. She points and laughs at his penis, and he takes his ascot off and strangles her with it. He then tears her nightgown off, and rapes her. He also squeezes her breast to a humorous honking sound. This is simulated, but you see his buttocks and possibly his penis, her breasts, and very briefly, her pubic hair. The film concerns the making of this porno.

A woman lies down in a nightgown, and we can very possibly see her labia through the bottom.

A man tries to convince another man to commit necrophilia, but fails.


A man tells a woman to take her blouse off. She complies, revealing a see-through teddy. They retreat to the bed for more filming. He pulls her teddy off, revealing her breasts. She remains topless for the rest of the film (over 40 minutes).

 breast, fondles 

For filming, a man fondles, and licks the woman's breasts and nipples. This scene is extremely erotic and sensual. After this, the woman pretends to be raped, but nobody is having sex with her for real.

The woman reveals her vagina as part of the film. We see this from behind.

 breast, orgasm 

The woman unsuccessfully tries to seduce the impotent man, before finally noting he has an erection at the sight of her naked body. He pulls down his pants, and he climbs on top of her body. He moves down and bites her leg sexually, then crawls back up. He then thrusts into her, and they both orgasm. This scene is also extremely erotic and sensual. During all of these scenes past the above spoiler warning, we only see the woman's breasts.

 breast, close up 

While filming a porno, an actor takes his boxer shorts off, revealing his penis. He then goes through the same routine as before, but he strangles her a lot more graphically, then punches her while graphically raping her. The actress doesn't know he is actually raping her for real, and cries as part of the film. After filming is done, he still continues to rape her until the director smashes a bottle on his head. During all of this, the director is giving extremely frank and graphic instructions. During this, we see the actor's buttocks, penis, and very briefly his scrotum. We see the actress's breasts, pubic hair, and labia. Although this isn't close-up, it is very long and graphic.

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