Juicy moments in feature films
Juicy moments in feature films
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Sweet Movie (1974)

スウィート・ムービー | Sweet Movie - makea kaunotar | Słodki film | Сладкий фильм | Sweet Movie (Dolcefilm) | Um Filme Doce | Σουήτ Μούβι | Tatlı Bir Film | Сладък филм
Movie type
1h 38min
Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Hotness level

Sweet Movie (1974) is a controversial film directed by Dusan Makavejev. It is a surrealist exploration of the human condition, focusing on the themes of sex, love, and power. The film follows two women, Anna Planeta and Marie-Ange, as they travel through Europe in search of freedom and pleasure.

The film is known for its explicit sexual content, which includes nudity, simulated sex, and sexual violence. The most controversial scene is the infamous “chocolate orgy”, which features a group of people engaging in a wild, orgiastic ritual. This scene has been widely criticized for its graphic nature and has been described as “shocking” and “disturbing”.

The film also features a number of other sexually charged moments, such as a scene in which Anna and Marie-Ange make love in a bathtub, and a scene in which Anna seduces a priest. These scenes are meant to explore the power dynamics between men and women, and to challenge traditional notions of sexuality.

Overall, Sweet Movie (1974) is a daring and provocative film that pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in cinema. Its explicit sexual content has made it a controversial classic, and it continues to be a source of debate and discussion.

Juciy Scenes

At a dinner, a man exposes an ox tounge as his penis to a woman, urging her to throw it away and stroking his real one to her cheek.


A man (Otto Muehl?) appears to be acting like a baby and is receiving a bath. During this, he urinates and we see the urine coming out of his penis. Penis and scrotum totally visible and his legs are open.

A man and a woman have sex on a boat with a lot of people watching.

Contains a scene involving a woman, often fully nude, doing a strip tease for young children, with the purpose of seducing them for sex. Quite literally a filmed depiction of child molestation. Why I haven't found warnings of this elsewhere, concerns me.

 close up 

There is a close up shot of a woman's golden vagina and a man's golden penis, she screams very loud when he shows it. He urinates on her but you only see him holding it and urinating in close-up.


There is lots of breasts and full-frontal male and female nudity throughout the entire film.

A man's penis gets stuck in a woman's vagina. You do not see this as it is under a cape.

A woman is covered in molten chocolate, caressing her naked body.

A sexually humiliating scene for the woman who is left powerless.

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