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Cover Of Shaft's Big Score! Movie
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Shaft's Big Score! (1972)

Shaft vuelve a Harlem | The Big Bamboo | Shaft rydder opp | Shaft rensar stan | Shaft - kylmä hymy | Shaft's store kup | To megalo kolpo tou Shaft | To pio megalo kolpo tou Shaft | Shaft II - Shaft rensar stan | Liebesgrüße aus Pistolen | A Marca de Shaft | Shaft's grote opdracht | Големият удар на Шафт | Shaft - Liebesgrüsse aus Pistolen | Šaftov veliki uspeh | Shaft colpisce ancora | Marea lovitura a lui Shaft | O Grande Golpe de Shaft | Shaft és a nagy zsákmány | 黒いジャガー シャフト旋風 | Les nouveaux exploits de Shaft | Большая удача Шафта
Movie type
1h 44min
Action, Crime, Drama
Hotness level

Shaft's Big Score! (1972) is a classic blaxploitation film that follows the story of private detective John Shaft as he attempts to solve a case involving a mob boss and a large sum of money. The film is known for its gritty, urban setting and its memorable soundtrack, but it also contains some surprisingly steamy sexual moments.

The film opens with Shaft in bed with a beautiful woman, and the two share a passionate kiss before Shaft is called away to investigate the case. Later, Shaft is seen in a nightclub, where he meets a woman who is clearly interested in him. The two share a dance and a kiss, and the scene ends with Shaft and the woman walking away arm in arm.

The most memorable sexual moment in the film comes when Shaft is in the mob boss's office. The mob boss's daughter, played by Gloria Hendry, is clearly attracted to Shaft, and the two share a passionate kiss. The kiss is interrupted by the mob boss, who orders Shaft to leave.

The film also contains a few other sexual moments, including a scene in which Shaft and a woman share a passionate embrace in a hotel room. The film also contains a few suggestive lines of dialogue, including one in which Shaft tells a woman that he "likes it rough."

Overall, Shaft's Big Score! contains a few surprisingly steamy sexual moments that add to the film's gritty, urban atmosphere. The film's memorable soundtrack and its memorable characters make it a classic of the blaxploitation genre, and its sexual moments add to its appeal.

Juciy Scenes

Two topless women; two club dancers covered in body paint; no nudity in bed scenes.


Several scenes depicting couples engaged in sex. Several scenes depicting topless women. Brief display of female pubic hair.

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