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Cover Of The Beguiled Movie
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The Beguiled (1971)

Defraudadas | Korpraali John McB | El engaño | 白い肌の異常な夜 | Korporal John McB | Păcălitul | Oszukany | Зачаран | Les proies | La notte brava del soldato Jonathan | Opčinjen | Betrogen | Korpral John McB | Lemtinga pagunda | Ritual de Guerra | Nakmaniot | Обманутый | Korpraali McB | Korpral McB - Anmäld saknad | Een mand - syv kvinder | El seductor | O Estranho que Nós Amamos | Ο καταζητούμενος | Ο προδότης | Shiroi hada no ijôna yoru | Kadın affetmez | A tizedes háreme
Movie type
1h 45min
Drama, Thriller, War
Hotness level

The Beguiled (1971) is a classic American drama directed by Don Siegel. It tells the story of a wounded Union soldier, John McBurney, who is taken in by a group of women at a Southern girls' school during the Civil War. The film is known for its intense sexual tension, as the women of the school become increasingly attracted to McBurney.

The Beguiled is filled with sexual moments that are both subtle and overt. One of the most memorable scenes is when McBurney and the school's headmistress, Martha Farnsworth, share a passionate kiss. This scene is particularly powerful because it is the first time that the two characters have expressed their feelings for each other. The kiss is also a turning point in the film, as it marks the beginning of the women's obsession with McBurney.

Another sexual moment in The Beguiled is when McBurney and Edwina, one of the school's students, share a passionate embrace. This scene is important because it shows the power of McBurney's charm and the effect it has on the women of the school. It also serves to further the tension between McBurney and the other women, as they become increasingly jealous of Edwina's relationship with him.

The Beguiled is a classic film that is still relevant today. Its sexual moments are both subtle and overt, and they serve to create an atmosphere of tension and desire. The film is a testament to the power of sexual attraction, and it is a must-see for any fan of classic cinema.

Juciy Scenes

Clint eastwood very clearly sucks a 17 year old characters breasts in a bedroom scene and you also see her buttocks when on top.

Rated R for Sexual Content/Nudity and Some Violence.

A bizzare, dreamy scene in which 2 women make out with Clint Eastwood. The 2 women also breifly kiss one another.


Five second flashback revealing a rape, bare breasts are briefly visible.


The protagonist and another girl briefly have sex in one scene; her breasts and buttocks are seen.

Clint kisses a young girl on the lips. The actress was 12 at the time.

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