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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Maid in Sweden Movie
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Maid in Sweden (1971)

İsveçli bakire | The Milkmaid | L'età della malizia | Koritsia ap' ti Souidia | Дева в Швеции | Ça s'est passé à Stockholm
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1h 20min
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Maid in Sweden, released in 1971, is a Swedish drama film directed by Mai Zetterling. The film follows the story of a teenage girl, Christina, who is sent to a small Swedish village to work as a maid. While there, she experiences a series of sexual awakenings and encounters.

The movie is notable for its frank depiction of teenage sexuality. Christina is portrayed as a sexually curious and adventurous young woman, exploring her own sexuality and experimenting with different partners. She has a brief affair with a married man and later a fling with a young man her own age. The movie also features a scene of Christina and her female friend skinny-dipping in a lake, which was considered quite daring for its time.

The movie also features a number of explicit sex scenes, which were considered quite risqué for the time. The most controversial scene is a threesome between Christina, her married lover, and his wife. This scene was considered quite shocking for its time, and was even censored in some countries.

Overall, Maid in Sweden is an important film in the history of cinema. It was one of the first films to openly explore teenage sexuality, and its frank depiction of sex was groundbreaking for its time. While some of the sexual moments in the film may seem tame by today's standards, they were quite daring for the time and helped pave the way for more open discussions about sex and sexuality.

Juciy Scenes

There are a number of scenes of fornication where much of the nude bodies of the male and female participants is shown. The breasts buttocks, and parts of the pubic hair of the women are shown. The butts of the males are shown.


A young woman dreams that she is sexually assaulted by an number of young males while she is drunk. In the same dream the drunk young woman is taken back to the apartment of a divorced woman. The divorced woman proceeds to undress the drunk young woman till she is only wearing her panties. Then the divorced woman removes her clothes till she is topless and proceeds to caress the nude chest and breast of the drunk young woman. The drunk young woman pushes the divorced woman off of her and runs out of the apartment. Only the breasts of both women are shown.

 bath, shower 

The young female main character is shown undressing completely in the bathroom a few times and taking a shower or a bath. The young woman's full nude body is shown.

On two separate incidents, a man forcefully engages in fornication with a young woman. She resists initially then gives in and consents to the fornication.


A young woman removes her night gown and masturbates while lying completely nude on a bed. Her breasts and pubic area are shown.

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