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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Eugenie Movie
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Eugenie (1970)

Evgenia | Eugenie... the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion | Die Jungfrau und die Peitsche | Wildkatzen | Marquis De Sade's 'Philosophy in the Boudoir' | Marquis De Sade - Eugenie | Inassouvies | Les inassouvies | Eugenie... The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion | De Sade 70 | Южени | Marquis de Sade's 'Philosophy in the Boudoir' | Philosophy in the Boudoir | La isla de la muerte | Eugenie... Sapıklığa Gidişin Öyküsü | Markisios de Sade
Movie type
1h 27min
Drama, Horror
Hotness level

Eugenie (1970) is a French erotic drama film directed by Jesús Franco. It tells the story of a young girl named Eugenie who is sent to a castle by her father to be educated in the ways of the world. The film is known for its explicit sexual content, which includes nudity, simulated sex scenes, and a variety of sexual themes.

The film begins with Eugenie being sent to the castle by her father, who is hoping to protect her from the corrupting influences of the outside world. Upon arriving, she is met by the castle's owner, Count Kinski, who takes an immediate interest in her. He begins to teach her about the pleasures of the flesh, and the two soon become lovers.

The film is filled with numerous sexual moments, including a scene in which Eugenie and the Count make love in a hot tub. There is also a scene in which Eugenie is seduced by a female vampire, and a scene in which she is seduced by a male vampire. In addition, there are several scenes of nudity, as well as a variety of sexual themes, such as bondage and domination.

Overall, Eugenie is a highly erotic film that is sure to please fans of the genre. The explicit sexual content makes it a must-see for those who are interested in exploring the darker side of human sexuality.

Juciy Scenes

Premise of movie is of an older couple trying to seduce a younger woman.

woman sits on bed in see-through blouse

man undresses woman to undergarments and kisses her. Both lay nude in bed, woman's butt is seen.

 breast, bath 

Young woman is seen fully nude in bathtub. Breasts and pubic hair shown. Older woman bathes younger woman topless. Breasts are seen as she rubs soap on the younger girl. Both lay out in the sun, younger woman nude and older woman topless. Breasts, butt, pubic hair shown.


The younger woman is naked in bed having a nightmare. Her breasts are shown.


A woman is held down, stripped naked, and sexually tortured. Breasts and pubic hair seen.


A woman runs out of house nude, breasts, butt, and pubic hair visible.

 breast, couple 

Couple drugs wine that younger woman drinks. She passes out and the man carries her away. Woman takes drugged woman's clothes off and kisses her. Breasts and pubic hair are shown although the red light makes it difficult. Man then begins to kiss naked drugged woman's body and begins to sexually assault her while the woman and the female servant watch. The woman then joins the man and they have sex next to the drugged woman.

 breast, couple 

Characters smoke "Turkish cigarette" laced with opium. Then begin to touch each other sexually. Younger woman is naked, breasts and pubic hair are shown while man and older woman kiss and touch her naked body. The man and woman then begin to whip and beat (S&M style) naked girl while other couples watch.

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