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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Professionals Movie
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The Professionals (1966)

Herfehiha | I professionisti | Zawodowcy | Les professionnels | Fire farlige menn | Profesioniştii | Profesionalai | 四虎將 | プロフェッショナル | Profesionalci | Szerencsevadászok | Die gefürchteten Vier | Los profesionales | Những Tay Chuyên Nghiệp | Професіонали | Oi epangelmaties | Saalistajat | Οι επαγγελματίες | Purofesshionaru | Os Profissionais | De professionella | Профессионалы | Els professionals | Profesyoneller | De 4 Geweldenaars | Професионалистите | 真情荒野
Movie type
1h 57min
Action, Adventure, Western
Hotness level

The Professionals (1966) is a classic western movie starring Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, and Claudia Cardinale. It tells the story of four mercenaries hired to rescue a kidnapped oil heiress from a Mexican revolutionary. While the movie is primarily an action-packed adventure, it also contains some surprisingly steamy sexual moments.

One of the most memorable scenes is when the four mercenaries, led by Burt Lancaster, are on their way to rescue the heiress. As they ride through the desert, they come across a group of women bathing in a river. Lancaster's character, Jess, takes the opportunity to admire the women's beauty and even takes a dip in the river himself. The scene is surprisingly sensual and has become a classic moment in the movie.

Another memorable sexual moment comes when the mercenaries arrive at the revolutionary camp. As they are welcomed by the revolutionaries, they are introduced to a beautiful woman named Maria (Claudia Cardinale). Maria and Jess quickly become attracted to each other and the two share a passionate kiss. The scene is both romantic and sensual, and it is clear that the two have a strong connection.

The Professionals (1966) is an action-packed western movie, but it also contains some surprisingly steamy sexual moments. From the sensual bathing scene to the passionate kiss between Jess and Maria, the movie contains some truly memorable moments. These moments add an extra layer of depth to the movie and make it a classic.

Juciy Scenes

A man and a woman the man in longjohns, the woman naked but under the sheets are shown having sex for very brief moment. They are interrupted whn her husband enters the room. When the woman sits up a side view of her breasts are briefly shown.

 breast, underwear 

A man and woman go into a room and have sex. The man is seen in his underwear while the woman is completely nude. Her bare back and partial glimpses of her breasts are seen.


A woman tries to seduce a man by removing her shirt in front of him and changing into another one. Her bare back is seen briefly. She then starts kissing him, but he rejects her.

A woman wears cleavage revealing tops throughout her scenes in the movie.

Some passionate kissing.

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