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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Breaking Bad Movie
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Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

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Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Breaking Bad (2008) is a critically acclaimed television series that has been praised for its compelling story and complex characters. The show follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to use his knowledge of chemistry to cook and sell crystal meth in order to provide for his family.

The show is known for its intense and often violent moments, but it also has some surprisingly intimate and sexual moments. One of the most memorable scenes is when Walter and his wife Skyler share a passionate kiss in the middle of a drug deal. This scene is both romantic and thrilling, and it shows the depth of their relationship.

Another memorable moment is when Walter and his former student Jesse Pinkman share a passionate kiss in the middle of a meth lab. This scene is both unexpected and intense, and it shows the bond between the two characters.

The show also features some more subtle sexual moments, such as when Walter and Skyler share a romantic dinner or when Jesse and his girlfriend Jane share a tender moment. These scenes show the characters’ vulnerability and their ability to connect with each other on a deeper level.

Overall, Breaking Bad (2008) is filled with intense and often violent moments, but it also has some surprisingly intimate and sexual moments that add depth to the characters and their relationships. These moments are both unexpected and thrilling, and they help to make the show even more compelling.

Juciy Scenes

In season 1 episode 1:A woman is briefly seen completely topless with bare breasts exposed through an open window. It is the only instance of nudity in the whole series.

Most sexual content is only implied.

There are 7 total sex scenes (all brief) with occasional male buttocks shown. None of the sex scenes are all that explicit.


A naked corpse is seen in a shower surrounded by blood. It's blurred out, so nothing too explicit is seen.

There is one scene where a prostitute is shown repeatedly going down on men in cars. Nothing explicit is shown. This is played for comedic effect.

A woman gives her husband a hand job in bed. No nudity is shown, all we see is the blanket moving and the man's pleasured face. The scene lasts around 2 minutes.

A man receives a hand job from his wife in a hospital. Lasts about 30 seconds. No nudity.

A man tries to pleasure his wife under a desk during a parent-teacher conference. He stops when they're nearly caught. After this, they briefly have sex in the back of a car (no nudity).

Women are occasionally seen wearing bikinis and bras.


A group of men visit a strip club. There are several half-naked women dancing and behaving in suggestive ways. Some graphic nudity including bare breasts during this scene but only on the DVD/Blu Ray release.

Season 1 has the most sexual content out of the entire series. Other seasons are tame in comparison.

One character, Wendy is known to be a prostitute. Several occasions about her profession. She has sex with Jesse in one brief scene and is also shown going down on several men in an opening montage.

For a split second, we can barely see someone clawing at their partners back as they have sex in a drug party montage in Jesse's apartment. Extremely brief, most people will not even notice what is going on.

One episode ends with a sex scene, which continues into the start of the second episode. No nudity.

A woman has an affair. This is shown in a brief scene with nude silhouettes. Although we can see movement and hear moaning, there is no proper nudity shown.


Walt attempts to assault Skylar in their kitchen. Some noises can be heard, and we can see him pulling her underwear down and unbuckling his pants, pushing himself against her, however this is the extent of it.

Nowhere near as strong or pervasive as the drug use and violence.


After sex Jesse appears changing his clothed , he is bare chested , and the women naked , pubic hair visible


Hector urinates into a swimming pool.

Walt stands fully nude in a store. His rear end is shown for comedic effect.

A man nearly rapes his wife. Although it doesn't happen, it's still disturbing.


Very tame outside of the first season. 1-2 scenes per season after the beginning. Every scene is not graphic and brief. The few exceptions include : a womans bare breasts shown and a handjob scene, a handjob, a car sex scene, and a strip club sequence.

A woman lies facedown on a bed as Jesse puts his jacket on, her bare back and buttocks are seen briefly. When Jesse re enters the room she is in a different position and her pubic region can be seen.

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Some sexual dialogue and crude jokes.

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