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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Pierrot le Fou Movie
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Pierrot le Fou (1965)

Kichigai Piero | Il bandito delle undici | Pierrot nebunul | Tokstollen | Лудият Пиеро | Ludi Pierrot | Ludi Pjero | Hullu Pierrot | 気狂いピエロ | Божевільний П'єро | Pedro, o Louco | Ο δαίμων της 11ης ώρας | Elf Uhr nachts | Pierrot el loco | Pierrot le fou | Bolond Pierrot | Çılgın Pierrot | Manden i månen | Pierrot, el loco | Min venn, Pierrot | Szalony Piotruś | Nori Pierrot | Безумный Пьеро | Crazy Pete | 狂人皮埃洛 | Pierrot Goes Wild | Pierrot, den tokige | O Demônio das Onze Horas | Pamišelis Pjero | Ο τρελός Πιερρό | Il bandito delle 11
Movie type
1h 50min
Crime, Drama, Romance
Hotness level

Pierrot le Fou (1965) is a French New Wave classic directed by Jean-Luc Godard. The film follows the story of Ferdinand, a bored middle-class man who decides to leave his wife and run away with his former lover, Marianne. Along the way, the couple experience a series of wild adventures, and the film is filled with sexual moments.

One of the most memorable sexual moments in Pierrot le Fou is when Ferdinand and Marianne make love in a car. The scene is shot in a very intimate way, with the camera focusing on the couple’s faces as they kiss and caress each other. This moment of passion is juxtaposed with the chaos of the outside world, as the car is surrounded by police officers and a crowd of onlookers.

Another sexual moment in the film occurs when Ferdinand and Marianne are in a hotel room. As they undress each other, the camera focuses on their faces, emphasizing the intensity of their desire for each other. The scene is further heightened by the use of slow motion and a haunting musical score.

The film also contains several other sexual moments, such as when Ferdinand and Marianne kiss in a park, and when they make love in a field. These moments are all shot in a very intimate way, emphasizing the couple’s passion for each other.

Overall, Pierrot le Fou is filled with sexual moments that are both intimate and intense. These moments help to emphasize the couple’s love for each other, and make the film an unforgettable experience.

Juciy Scenes

Some mild sexual references.


In an apartment we see pictures of naked women on the walls. Only breasts can be seen.


In one montage we see two different women topless. The breasts of one can be seen very clearly, while the breasts of the other are hidden in shadow.

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