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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Angelique and the King Movie
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Angelique and the King (1966)

Angelika a král | Angélique og kongen | Angélique et le roy | Анжелик и кралят | Анжелика и король | Angelika ja kuningas | Anjelik ve kral | I angeliki stin avli ton thavmaton | Angelica si regele | Angelique en de koning | Angelica alla corte del re | Angélique és a király | Angelique og kongen | Angélica y el rey | Angelique i kralj | Angelique och kungen | Angélique und der König | Angelika i król | Анжеліка і король | Angelique e o Rei | Angélica e o Rei | Angelika Osa 3 ja kuningas
Movie type
1h 40min
Adventure, History, Romance
Hotness level

Angelique and the King (1966) is a romantic drama film directed by Bernard Borderie and starring Michèle Mercier and Robert Hossein. The film follows the story of Angelique, a young woman who is sent to the court of King Louis XIV of France to serve as a lady-in-waiting.

The film is known for its romantic and sensual moments, which are often highlighted by the beautiful costumes and sets. One of the most memorable scenes is when Angelique and the King share a passionate kiss in the gardens of Versailles. This scene is often cited as one of the most romantic moments in film history.

The film also features a number of steamy scenes between Angelique and the King, as well as between Angelique and her love interest, the Count de Peyrac. These scenes are often quite explicit, and they are sure to leave viewers feeling hot and bothered.

Overall, Angelique and the King is a classic romantic drama that is sure to leave viewers feeling satisfied. The film's beautiful costumes and sets, as well as its steamy sex scenes, make it a must-see for any fan of romantic films.

Juciy Scenes

A woman suggests that her would-be-lover try to court her. He counters with the fact that his preferred method is "violence" or "rape" (depending on translation).


A woman is whipped; side breast nudity is visible.


A couple kiss while in bed. The scene fades to black. The next morning, they are discovered naked in bed together. The sheets cover most nudity.


A woman changes her clothes. Her bare back from the hips up is shown, with very brief partial side breast nudity.


Another changing scene shows almost all of the backside of woman. Rear nudity is only partially obscured by the furniture.

 breast, close up 

A woman lies naked on a table. Her breasts are exposed. For the close-up shot, she crosses her arms across her chest.

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