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We Are Who We Are (2020-2020)

Tacy właśnie jesteśmy | Mēs esam tie, kas esam | Мы те, кто мы есть | WRWWR | То смо што смо | Noi, cei adevărați | Sme, akí sme | Neysek Oyuz | Ние сме каквито сме | Ми ті, хто ми є | Akik mi vagyunk
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7h 42min
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We Are Who We Are (2020) is an Italian-American drama series created by Luca Guadagnino. The series follows two American teenagers, Fraser and Caitlin, as they explore their identities and sexuality in a military base in Italy.

The series is known for its honest and realistic portrayal of teenage sexuality. From the very beginning, the show explores the complexities of teenage sexuality, from the awkwardness of first kisses to the confusion of discovering one’s own identity.

One of the most memorable sexual moments in the series is when Fraser and Caitlin share their first kiss. The scene is tender and intimate, and it captures the awkwardness and excitement of a first kiss.

The series also explores the complexities of gender identity. In one scene, Fraser and his friend, Mark, discuss gender identity and the idea of being “in between” genders. This scene is particularly powerful as it shows how two teenagers can have a meaningful conversation about gender identity.

The series also features a number of intimate and romantic scenes between Fraser and his love interest, Jonathan. These scenes are tender and passionate, and they capture the intensity of teenage love.

Overall, We Are Who We Are (2020) is a powerful and honest exploration of teenage sexuality. The series is filled with tender and intimate moments that capture the awkwardness and excitement of teenage love.

Juciy Scenes

full frontal male and female nudity (and rear nudity)

Naked females appear in background of house


The female base commander (Sevigny) strips out of her clothes in a room surrounded by male and female soldiers working on computers until she's topless in her panties, revealing her breasts and butt crack. A man talks to her while she does. Then she slips on a shirt and shorts.


Female breast nudity in multiple sex scenes.


Male frontal nudity in various episodes. Female breast are shown in a few episodes. No female frontal nudity.

 breast, bath, teen 

A mother (Sevigny) wearing a robe talks to her teenage son in the hall of their home. He walks off and she enters the bathroom where her lesbian partner is waiting. The son turns in time to see his mother remove her robe and stand naked just before the bathroom door is closed. We see bare butt and breast.

 couple, underwear, close up 

There is a lengthy scene which serves as the after party of a wedding. Characters can be seen making out, including topless women. One female character attempts to remove a male character's underwear. It is highly implied a character and his wife have sex. She removes her bra as they fall onto a bed. They are both seen fully nude later on the same bed. During another part of this party, a male character is seen fully nude walking around behind a couch that another couple is having sex on. As the scene closes, multiple females are seen topless.

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