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Cover Of From Beyond Movie
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From Beyond (1986)

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Movie type
1h 25min
Horror, Sci-Fi
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From Beyond (1986) is a horror movie directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Ken Foree. The movie follows a scientist and his assistant as they explore the boundaries of the unknown. The movie is filled with sexual moments that add to the horror and suspense of the film.

The movie begins with Dr. Edward Pretorius and his assistant, Dr. Katherine McMichaels, experimenting with a machine that can open a portal to a parallel universe. As they explore this new world, they discover creatures that feed off of human sexual energy. This leads to a number of sexual moments throughout the movie, including a scene where Dr. Pretorius is seduced by one of the creatures.

The movie also features a number of scenes that explore the sexual tension between Dr. Pretorius and Dr. McMichaels. This tension is heightened when Dr. Pretorius is transformed into a creature that is driven by its sexual desires. The movie also features a number of scenes that explore the dark side of human sexuality, such as a scene where Dr. Pretorius is shown to be aroused by the sight of a dead body.

From Beyond (1986) is a horror movie that explores the boundaries of the unknown and features a number of sexual moments that add to the horror and suspense of the film. The movie is a classic example of how horror and sexuality can be used to create a unique and thrilling experience.

Juciy Scenes

A man is naked in one scene, no frontal nudity shown, but his buttocks are seen several times.

A man asks a woman why the science experiment they are conducting gave him an erection. She then proceeds to explain that it is stimulating an area of the brain the regulates sexual arousal.


A woman is wearing a thin nightgown and when she stands in front of a bright light the outline of her left butt cheek and left breast can be briefly seen. She then proceeds to French kiss a man and is moaning seductively while doing so.


A man runs around in his underwear which are very tight and show the outline of his genitals, in a few scenes he gets knocked around and his genitals are shown bouncing around inside his underwear.


A woman starts playing with some S&M gear and becomes sexually aroused by it, she starts to moan and breathe heavily. She then takes a leather glove and smells it, then rubs it against her cheek, she then sticks her hand inside her robe and starts squeezing her breast and rubbing her nipple, moaning and breathing hard while continuing to rub her cheek against the glove. However her breast remains covered by her robe the entire time.

 breast, close up 

The same woman then proceeds to put on the S&M outfit she was touching. A close-up view of her putting a shoe on is shown and as the camera pans up she runs her hand over her leg and upper thigh and across her left butt cheek, the camera then pans over to show her bare butt as the suit bottom is a G-string. She then walks across the room and much of her breasts are seen as the suit top is very low cut, but her nipples are covered.

The same woman then sits on a bed next to a man who is asleep and pulls the sheets covering him down to his waist and then puts her hand under the sheets and starts to fondle his genitals. She then straddles the man, her bare butt cheeks being shown again, and starts to grind her crotch against his genitals. She then tries to seduce another man by dancing seductively and attempting to kiss him.

 close up 

A poster on a wall shows a close-up view of a woman's upper thighs and crotch however her genitals are covered by a thin cloth.

A nude man is shown. It is assumed he is masturbating by his movements. No nudity shown.


A bound woman in leather is seen being whipped in a sexual fashion on a television by a man, who then proceeds to grab her bare breasts with his hands.

 breast, touche 

A woman is being held against her will by a man that has become a shape-shifting creature. He licks the side of her face saying he likes how she smells and tastes. He then rips her nightgown open revealing her breast, then her panties are ripped off (offscreen). He then causes his fingers to become elongated and proceeds to grope her breast and then reaches down and touches her genitals (shown offscreen).


The same woman is later seen in leather. She sticks her hand under the cover and touches a man under the cover.

She then straddles the man while wearing a g-string.

some mild sexual references

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