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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Behind Convent Walls Movie
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Behind Convent Walls (1978)

Za samostanskimi zidovi | Intérieur d'un couvent | Salainen puutarha | Intiem leven in 'n klooster | Zondige begeerten | Within the Convent | За монастырскими стенами | Внутри монастыря | Interno di un convento | Within a Cloister | Unmoralische Novizinnen | Salattu Puutarha | Egy kolostor belsejében | Interior de un convento | Atrás dos Muros do Convento | Nemoralne kaludjerice | Freiras Perversas | Unmoralische novizinnen hinter Klostermauern | Za murami klasztoru | Sex Life in a Convent | T'apokryfa enos monastiriou | Sex sto... monastiri
Movie type
1h 35min
Drama, Romance
Hotness level

Behind Convent Walls is a 1978 Italian drama film directed by Walerian Borowczyk. The film follows the story of a young nun, Sister Maria, who is sent to a convent in the 19th century. The film is known for its explicit sexual moments, which were considered controversial at the time of its release.

The film begins with Sister Maria arriving at the convent and being welcomed by the other nuns. She quickly discovers that the convent is a place of sexual repression and that the nuns are expected to remain chaste and obedient. As the film progresses, Sister Maria begins to explore her own sexuality and desires. She begins to have fantasies about the other nuns and even has a sexual encounter with one of them.

The film also features several scenes of nudity and sexual activity. In one scene, Sister Maria is seen bathing in a lake and is watched by a group of men. In another scene, she is seen in bed with a man, and the two engage in a passionate embrace.

The sexual moments in the film were highly controversial at the time of its release. Many critics argued that the film was too explicit and that it was inappropriate for a religious setting. However, the film has since become a cult classic and is now seen as a groundbreaking work of art.

Behind Convent Walls is a powerful exploration of female sexuality and repression. It is a film that is sure to provoke thought and discussion. Its explicit sexual moments are sure to shock and surprise viewers, but they also serve to highlight the struggles of women in a patriarchal society.

Juciy Scenes

sex and nudity

Numerous scenes depicting sex, masturbation, felatio, topless females, totally naked females and other sexually explicit material

Butcher delivers meat and both butcher and nuns speak in sexual puns such as "beat your meat"

Woman can be seen fondled, her butt is shown and pubic hair.


Nuns can be seen kissing each other in a confessional. One is topless and breasts can be seen.

Another nun stretches on the floor, undergarment is shown with some pubic hair visible.

Man has sex with a nun behind a tapestry. Nun's butt is shown and man thrusting.


Nun prays in the nude. Breasts, butt, and pubic hair is shown.


A nun whittles wood in the nude, breasts and pubic hair is shown. Another nun plays the violin in the nude. Nun draws a picture of a man with a penis. Another nun asks her to make a drawing for her.

Butcher is seen having sex with a nun. Both are nude.

A nun masturbates with a wooden dildo she carved. This is a very explicit scene as you can see her inserting the dildo in her vagina.


A nude nun prays in the nude, her butt, breasts, and pubic hair can be seen.

Pregnant nun is shown topless. Pubic hair can also be seen below.


Nun sings with her blouse open, breasts are shown.

Nun writes letter in the nude. Three nuns walk around nude and sexually touch each other. One nun masturbates with her undergarments. Another nun rubs her legs together, butt and vagina are shown. Nun masturbates with her violin.

Nun urinates in bowl, butt and pubic hair is shown.

Topless nun rubs against cage bars.


Man rips off nuns top and undergarment as she lays down and kisses her body. Breasts and pubic hair are shown. Man performs oral sex on nude nun. They then have sex. One can see man thrusting nude, his butt is shown.


After mother superior is announced dead, numerous nuns run through the halls nude. Breasts, butts, and pubic hair can be seen.


As a priest questions a nun about the death of mother superior, she stands with her robe open with breasts and pubic hair exposed.

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