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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Movie
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The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (1977)

En Washington los senadores están calientes | Die Washington Affäre | Xaviera Washingtonissa | Happy Hooker Vai a Washington | Una provinciale a Washington | Lío en el senado
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The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington is a 1977 comedy film starring Xaviera Hollander, the infamous Dutch madam and author of the best-selling book The Happy Hooker: My Own Story. The movie follows Hollander as she travels to Washington, D.C. to fight for the rights of sex workers. Along the way, she encounters a variety of sexual moments that range from humorous to risqué.

The movie begins with Hollander arriving in Washington, D.C. and checking into a hotel. She quickly meets a variety of people, including a senator who is trying to pass a bill that would criminalize prostitution. Hollander is determined to fight the bill, and she quickly begins to use her sexual prowess to get her way. She seduces the senator and his aides, and even manages to get the president to sign the bill.

Throughout the movie, Hollander is seen engaging in a variety of sexual activities. She has a steamy encounter with a senator in a hot tub, and she also has a threesome with two of his aides. She also visits a brothel and engages in a wild orgy with the other patrons.

The movie also features a number of humorous sexual moments. In one scene, Hollander is seen trying to seduce a security guard with her charms. In another, she is seen trying to seduce a group of nuns.

The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington is a classic comedy that features a variety of sexual moments. While some of these moments are humorous, others are quite risqué. However, the movie ultimately serves as a reminder that sex work is a legitimate profession and that sex workers deserve to be treated with respect.

Juciy Scenes

In summary, a lot of topless women, some rear ends, no visible genitals. The film centers on a prostitute/madam/advice columnist. Many references to sex and sex acts, but all very mild hardly stronger than innuendo.

An extended scene of a topless girl modelng for a photo shoot.


An orgy containing 5-10 couples. The girls are all shown topless.

Another orgy "ice cream social", 5-10 girls shown topless.

Woman takes of her top in a diner and gets on the bar with a man. Scene cuts before anything more happens.

9-ish girls seen topless, dressed as cats. Quick scene.


Woman lays on a man. She is fully nude but only butt and breasts seen.


Men and women in a fake car, pretending to have sex. Breasts of several girls seen.

Topless girls seen in background while seductive belly dancing in foreground.


A woman opens her leather jacket, revealing her breasts, she whips a man.

Throughout the film, several girls are seen in sheer tops revealing nipple shape or nipple shape and color. Those are not detailed in the above listings...


A girl is tied to a bed. We see the sides of her breasts.

A woman emerges topless from a spaghetti pot.


A woman wearing a trenchcoat opens it in front of the senate, revealing her breasts.

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