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Cover Of Picnic at Hanging Rock Movie
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Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

El enigma en las Rocas Colgantes | Piknik pod Wiszącą Skałą | Išvyka prie Kabančios uolos | Huviretki hirttopaikalle | Пикник у Висячей скалы | Пікнік біля Навислої скелі | Hanging Rock'ta Piknik | Picnic en Hanging Rock | Picknick am Valentinstag | Το Μυστικό του Βράχου των Κρεμασμένων | 吊人岩的野餐 | Piquenique em Hanging Rock | Picnic na Montanha Misteriosa | Piknik a Függő Sziklánál | Utflykt till galgbacken | Pique-nique à Hanging Rock | Piquenique na Montanha Misteriosa | Udflugten | Iškyla prie Kabančios uolos | To mystiko tou vrahou ton kremasmenon | Picnic ved Hanging Rock | Пікнік біля Висячої скелі | Пикник код Хенгинг Рока | Picnic ad Hanging Rock | ピクニックatハンギング・ロック | Utflykt i det okända
Movie type
1h 55min
Drama, Mystery
Hotness level

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) is a classic Australian film directed by Peter Weir. The film follows a group of schoolgirls from Appleyard College who go on a picnic to Hanging Rock, a mysterious volcanic formation in the Australian bush. The film is renowned for its dreamlike atmosphere and its exploration of sexual awakening.

The film opens with the girls preparing for the picnic, and the camera lingers on the young women's bodies as they dress in their white summer dresses. This scene is full of sexual tension, as the girls are aware of their own beauty and the power it has over the male characters in the film.

The picnic itself is also full of sexual moments. The girls wander around the rock, exploring its mysterious beauty. They come across a pool of water and the camera lingers on Miranda, the most beautiful of the girls, as she takes off her dress and dives into the pool. This scene is full of sexual energy, as Miranda is aware of the power her beauty has over the other characters.

The film's climax is also full of sexual tension. The girls have gone missing and the search party is desperately trying to find them. The camera lingers on the faces of the male characters as they search for the missing girls, and the tension builds as the search becomes more and more desperate.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) is a classic film that explores the themes of sexual awakening and the power of beauty. The film is full of sexual moments, from the opening scene to the climax, and these moments add to the dreamlike atmosphere of the film.

Juciy Scenes

A man and woman are shown in bed two times together. It is implied that they are unmarried and have just had sex. The man is bare-chested. In one of these scenes, the woman gets out of bed and the viewer can see that she is also bare-chested (there is a very brief view of the side of her breast as she gets up).

Some scenes of girls dressing in turn of the century style clothing.


Two men have sexual themed discussions about teenage girls. No explicit language or graphic descriptions merely appreciating the girls beauty.


A reference is made by a girl to seeing one of the teachers in her underwear.

A doctor who examined one of the girls says that she was "intact" (unbroken hymen) implying that he believed that she was never sexually assaulted.

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