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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Boss Nigger Movie
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Boss Nigger (1974)

The Black Bounty Hunter | Kynigoi epikirygmenon | Prisjägarna | Boss | Os Poderosos Também Caem | Kaupungin kauhut | Raeis e Kaka-siyah | Босс ниггер | Şef negru | Oi epikirygmenoi tou Texas | Palkkionmetsästäjät | The Black Bounty Killer
Movie type
1h 27min
Comedy, Western
Hotness level

Boss Nigger (1974) is a classic blaxploitation film that is remembered for its controversial subject matter and its iconic lead character, Boss Nigger. The movie follows Boss Nigger, a black bounty hunter, as he attempts to bring justice to the Wild West.

The movie is also remembered for its sexual moments. Boss Nigger is a ladies' man and is often seen flirting with the women he meets. He is also seen in a few steamy scenes with the female characters. One of the most memorable scenes is when Boss Nigger and his female companion, Lola, share a passionate kiss in the middle of a gunfight. This scene is often cited as one of the most iconic moments in blaxploitation cinema.

The movie also features a few other sexual moments. In one scene, Boss Nigger is seen in a bathtub with a woman, and in another scene, he is seen in bed with a woman. These scenes are often seen as controversial, as they are seen as pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in the 1970s.

Overall, Boss Nigger is remembered for its sexual moments as much as it is remembered for its action and its iconic lead character. The movie is a classic example of blaxploitation cinema and its sexual moments are often cited as some of the most iconic in the genre.

Juciy Scenes

Some implied sex, usually with prostitutes.

 breast, bath 

A man watches a woman undress and bathe. Her butt and shadowed breasts are visible.

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