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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of La Grande Bouffe Movie
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La Grande Bouffe (1973)

Brakfesten | Das große Fressen | La gran comilona | Blow Out | Blow-Out | A nagy zabálás | La grande bouffe | Saigo no bansan | Etegildet | 最後の晩餐(1973) | La grande abbuffata | Το Μεγάλο Φαγοπότι | Det store ædegilde | Suuri pamaus | To megalo fagopoti | The Big Feast | The Great Feed | A Grande Farra | De grote schranspartij | Wielkie żarcie | Голямото плюскане | A Comilança | Большая жратва | De grote slokkers
Movie type
2h 10min
Comedy, Drama
Hotness level

La Grande Bouffe (1973) is a French comedy-drama film directed by Marco Ferreri. The film follows four men who decide to eat themselves to death in a luxurious villa. While the film is primarily a dark comedy, it also contains some sexual moments.

The film begins with the four men, Marcello, Ugo, Philippe, and Michel, discussing their plan to eat themselves to death. Marcello, the most sexually active of the group, is the first to suggest that they should also have sex with as many women as possible. This suggestion is met with enthusiasm from the other three men.

Throughout the film, the men engage in various sexual activities with the women they bring to the villa. These activities range from kissing and caressing to full-on intercourse. The women are portrayed as willing participants in these activities, and the men are shown to be enjoying themselves.

The sexual moments in La Grande Bouffe are not intended to be titillating or erotic. Instead, they are used to illustrate the characters’ hedonistic lifestyles and their disregard for the consequences of their actions. The film also serves as a commentary on the excesses of the wealthy and the emptiness of their lives.

The sexual moments in La Grande Bouffe are handled with a light touch and are not overly graphic. They are used to further the story and to provide insight into the characters’ motivations and desires. As such, they are an important part of the film’s overall message.

Juciy Scenes

While eating, some men look at some photos of topless women on a projector, breasts visible.


For the feast, some whores are invited. Some of them are shown topless, breasts visible. One is shown complete nude, breasts, butt, and pubic hair visible.

There is some sex, including implied oral sex, where rear female and male nudity is shown, but it is mostly implied with the exception of one time where the man is shown thrusting and the woman is heard moaning. One hand job.

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