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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Demoniacs Movie
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The Demoniacs (1974)

Les démoniaques | Tina, la naufrageuse perverse | Dienerinnen des Satans | Demoniacs Revenge of the Virgins | L'isola delle demoniache | Les diablesses | Oi daimonismenes | Les Demoniaques (Revenge of the Virgins) | Curse of the Living Dead | Demoniacs | Diablice | Бесноватые | Espasmos de muerte
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The Demoniacs is a 1974 French-Italian horror film directed by Jean Brismée. The movie follows a group of sailors who become stranded on an island inhabited by a group of demonic women. The movie is known for its explicit sexual content, which has made it a cult classic.

The Demoniacs is filled with sexual moments that are both disturbing and titillating. The movie begins with a scene of a woman being raped by a group of sailors. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which is filled with scenes of sexual violence and exploitation.

The movie also features a number of scenes of explicit sex between the sailors and the demonic women. These scenes are often graphic and disturbing, but also strangely erotic. The movie also features a number of scenes of the demonic women seducing the sailors, often with the promise of eternal life.

The Demoniacs is a unique movie that combines horror and sex in a way that is both disturbing and titillating. The movie is filled with explicit sexual moments that are sure to shock and excite viewers. The movie is a cult classic and is sure to leave viewers with a lasting impression.

Juciy Scenes

The movie opens with two barebreasted women kissing each other.

A man gropes a woman from behind, she enjoys it.


Two men force themselves on young women. They are raped and beaten. Clothes are ripped and breasts can frequently be seen, brief glimpses of bush. The clothes and girls are seen throughout the film, usually showing glimpses of nudity in each shot.


A woman strips her clothes off. She stands completely nude in the distance, she teases and taunts a man, they make love. Later she fights with the two girls with ripped clothes and her breasts pop out of her dress throughout the scene. Other scenes reveal her breasts as they pop out of her clothes as well. In one scene, her top opens completely as she fights.

There is a scene in a bordello with many topless women.

 breast, see-thru 

A woman removes her top for a man. She's then completely nude in a see-thru nightie, her breasts and pubic hair are clearly visible. A man forces himself on her and she eventually gives in. Her nightie is shed and she's completely nude. ( There is supposedly an alternate version of the DVD where she has extended real sex with him, penetration visible, penis and vagina of them. She can be seen fully naked from all angles as they thrust)

Two women walk outside completely nude. One of them is partially shaven, so the view is not just pubic hair but also genitals (not easy to see). They are jumped by men and make love to them. This is a long scene.

They later walk on the beach and are tied up nude and raped again. One other woman has her top removed and is strangled.

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