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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cinderella Liberty (1973)

Permiso para amar hasta medianoche | Отпуск *Пепеляшка* | Un grande amore da 50 dollari | Iltaloma | Sjömannen och gatflickan | Permiso de amor hacia medianoche | Licença Para Amar Até a Meia-Noite | Orlov til midnat | Cinderella, i garsona tis nyhtas | シンデレラ・リバティー かぎりなき愛 | Külkedisi Özgürlüğü | Ugglan och sjömannen | Zapfenstreich | Увольнение до полуночи | Przepustka dla marynarza | O Passe da Meia-Noite | Permission d'aimer | 啞女生涯原是夢
Movie type
1h 57min
Drama, Romance
Hotness level

Cinderella Liberty (1973) is a classic romantic drama directed by Mark Rydell and starring James Caan, Marsha Mason, and Kirk Calloway. The movie follows the story of a sailor, John Baggs Jr. (Caan), who is discharged from the Navy and struggles to make a living in Seattle. He meets a single mother, Maggie (Mason), and the two form a bond that eventually leads to a romantic relationship.

The movie contains several memorable sexual moments. One of the most memorable is when John and Maggie first meet. John is drawn to Maggie's beauty and they share a passionate kiss. This scene is both romantic and sensual, and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Another memorable sexual moment occurs when John and Maggie are in bed together. The scene is tender and intimate, and it shows the couple's growing connection. The scene also highlights the power of physical attraction and the importance of communication in a relationship.

The movie also contains a few humorous sexual moments. For example, when John and Maggie are in bed together, Maggie tells John that she's never had an orgasm before. John is surprised and tells her that he'll have to teach her how to do it. This scene is both funny and sweet, and it shows the couple's playful side.

Overall, Cinderella Liberty (1973) contains several memorable sexual moments that help to make the movie a classic. The movie is a great example of how physical attraction and communication can lead to a strong and lasting relationship.

Juciy Scenes

suggestive dialogue


Maggie undresses in the dark, a brief glimpse of her breast is seen

Baggs and Maggie have sex off screen, she's later seen under the bed sheets (no nudity), he's shirtless

topless women are briefly seen in a strip bar


Baggs catches Maggie with another man; he throws him out then comes back; we then see her breasts for about a minute while they argue

Baggs and Maggie are seen kissing under the covers, no nudity

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