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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Steptoe & Son Movie
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Steptoe & Son (1972)

Steptoe and Son | Äijä ja poika | Harold und die Stripperin | Porca vacca mi hai rotto... | O Homem das Solas | Степто и сын | Padre no hay más que uno | Bric-à-brac de père en fils | Harold Und Die Stripperin
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1h 38min
Comedy, Romance
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The classic British sitcom Steptoe & Son has been a beloved staple of British television since it first aired in 1972. The show follows the misadventures of two rag-and-bone men, Albert and Harold Steptoe, as they try to make a living in the London of the 1960s. While the show is primarily a comedy, it also contains some surprisingly risqué moments.

The most memorable of these moments is the infamous “bed scene” from the episode “The Lodger”. In this scene, Albert and Harold are sharing a bed in order to save money on rent. As they settle in for the night, Albert begins to make suggestive comments about Harold’s body. Harold, who is clearly uncomfortable, tries to ignore him, but Albert persists. Eventually, Harold snaps and tells Albert to “shut up”. The scene ends with the two men lying in silence, but the tension between them is palpable.

The “bed scene” is not the only sexual moment in Steptoe & Son. In the episode “The Lead Man Cometh”, Albert and Harold are visited by a young woman who is looking for a job. As she talks to them, Albert can’t help but ogle her body. Later, when she leaves, Albert remarks that she is “a bit of all right”.

The sexual moments in Steptoe & Son may seem out of place in a show that is primarily a comedy, but they serve to add an extra layer of realism to the show. By showing the characters’ sexual desires, the show is able to explore the complexities of human relationships in a way that is both humorous and thought-provoking.

Juciy Scenes

A man bathes in his sink, but realizes he has no towel. He stands up to use the curtains lining the window by his sink, and a woman screams when she sees his naked body (he attempts to cover himself, his bare butt is seen.)


Men gather at a strip club and a woman strips until her bare breasts are clearly seen.

A woman is implied to have slept with several men, and this is implied through her babies from two of the known relationships.

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