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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Drive, He Said Movie
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Drive, He Said (1971)

Sähinää, se sanoi | O Amanhã Chega Cedo Demais | Vas-y, fonce | Kör, sa han | Relações Cruzadas | Он сказал поехали | Aquellos años | Sõida, ta ütles | Jedźmy przed siebie | Sømmet i bund | Yellow 33 | Hajts, mondta
Movie type
1h 35min
Comedy, Drama, Sport
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Drive, He Said (1971) is a classic coming-of-age drama about two college friends, Jack and Hector, who are navigating the complexities of adulthood. The film follows the two as they explore their newfound freedom and search for meaning in their lives. One of the most memorable aspects of the film is its frank and honest portrayal of sexuality.

The film opens with a scene of Jack and Hector in bed together. While the two are not explicitly shown to be engaging in sexual activity, the scene is still quite suggestive. The two are shown to be in a close embrace and the camera lingers on their faces as they look into each other’s eyes. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the film, which is filled with moments of sexual tension and exploration.

Throughout the film, Jack and Hector’s relationship is explored in a variety of ways. They are shown to be both friends and lovers, and their relationship is complicated by the fact that they are both in relationships with other people. This creates a sense of tension and confusion as the two try to figure out what their feelings for each other mean.

The film also features a number of scenes that explore the sexual awakening of the two characters. In one scene, Jack and Hector are shown skinny-dipping in a lake. This scene is particularly powerful as it shows the two characters embracing their sexuality and exploring their bodies in a safe and comfortable environment.

Overall, Drive, He Said is a powerful and honest exploration of sexuality. The film is filled with moments of sexual tension and exploration, and it serves as a reminder that sexuality is a complex and ever-changing part of life.

Juciy Scenes

In a locker room shower scene (which lasts about 45 seconds), men are seen fully nude rubbing soap all over their bodies and making sexual jokes with each other. One of the men pinches another man's butt as a joke. Another man spreads his legs to the other men, grabs his flaccid penis and begins stroking it in front of them, for perhaps a second or two. (You could miss it if you're not looking for it.) As with the butt pinch, this is also done as a joke.

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