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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of My Dear Killer Movie
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My Dear Killer (1972)

Мой дорогой убийца | Time to Kill, Darling | Mi querido asesino | Folie Meurtrière | Mio caro assassino | Sumario sangriento de la pequeña Estefania | La chatte de la voisine | O Carrasco da Mão Negra | Folie meurtrière | La Ronda De La Muerte | Mon cher assassin
Movie type
1h 40min
Mystery, Thriller
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My Dear Killer (1972) is an Italian crime thriller directed by Tonino Valerii. The movie follows the story of a young woman, Giulia, who is the victim of a serial killer. Giulia is kidnapped and held captive by the killer, who forces her to watch him commit a series of gruesome murders.

The movie is known for its explicit sexual content. In one scene, Giulia is forced to watch as the killer rapes and murders a young woman. This scene is particularly disturbing, as it shows the killer's complete disregard for human life.

The movie also features a number of other sexual moments. Giulia is forced to strip in front of the killer, and he later forces her to perform a striptease for him. In another scene, the killer forces Giulia to watch as he has sex with a prostitute.

The movie's sexual content is not gratuitous, however. It serves to illustrate the killer's complete lack of respect for human life and his complete disregard for the feelings of his victims. It also serves to show the powerlessness of Giulia, who is unable to escape the killer's clutches.

My Dear Killer is a powerful and disturbing movie that is sure to leave viewers feeling unsettled. Its explicit sexual content serves to illustrate the depravity of the killer and the helplessness of his victims.

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A naked 9-year-old girl suddenly appears at the door of a sculptor's studio. Her vulva and her butt are visible for a few seconds

Female topless nudity in three scenes.

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