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Cover Of Melody Movie
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Melody (1971)

Quando Brota o Amor | 小さな恋のメロディ | Мелоди | Come sposare la compagna di banco e farla in barba alla maestra | Hurra - vi er unge | Küçük sevgili | S.W.A.L.K. | Chiisana-koi no merodi | To Have Somebody | Mercredi après-midi | Мелъди | Melody: Quando Brota o Amor | A Espada | Melody - för ung för kärlek | Melody: For ung til kjærlighet | Melody - suloinen ensirakkaus
Movie type
1h 43min
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Melody (1971) is a classic British musical comedy film directed by Waris Hussein and starring Mark Lester, Jack Wild, and Tracy Hyde. The film follows two young children, Melody and Danny, who are forced to live together when their parents marry. Despite their initial animosity, the two eventually become close friends and embark on a series of adventures.

The film is notable for its frank and honest portrayal of teenage sexuality. The two main characters, Melody and Danny, are both curious about sex and explore their feelings for each other in a variety of ways. The film also touches on issues such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, and contraception.

The most memorable scene in the film is when Melody and Danny share a passionate kiss in the park. This scene is significant because it is the first time the two characters express their feelings for each other. The kiss is tender and romantic, and it serves as a reminder that even young people can experience love and desire.

The film also features a number of other sexual moments, such as when Melody and Danny sneak into a nightclub and dance together, and when Melody and her friend, Sue, discuss contraception. These moments are important because they show that teenage sexuality is a normal and healthy part of growing up.

Overall, Melody (1971) is a classic British musical comedy that is still relevant today. The film’s frank and honest portrayal of teenage sexuality is particularly noteworthy, and it serves as an important reminder that young people can experience love and desire.

Juciy Scenes

No actual sex or kissing takes place in this film (despite a publicity photo on the Region 2 DVD cover showing Daniel kissing Melody on the cheek), although Daniel and Melody do almost kiss in one scene before they are interrupted.


In a scene played for laughs, Daniel's mother confiscates an unspecified dirty magazine one of the boys gave him at school, and an artistic nude he was attempting to draw from it. We are briefly shown both the topless model and the derivative artwork.

In one scene, a young girl discusses kissing with her friends and mentions that she'd previously thought "kissing would bring babies."

In a dinner party scene involving Daniel and his parents, the adults take to discussing the Roman Catholics' opposition to contraception, prompting some mildly off-color joking until the mother admonishes the father not to go into the matter any further in front of their son.


In one scene, a couple of boys unsuccessfully attempt to hoodwink a bouncer and sneak into a peep show. Some of the show's advertising pictures, featuring full frontal nudity, appear at a distance briefly in the background.

In another scene, the headmaster insists to Daniel that there are a great many things he doesn't understand about Melody, obviously referring to his lack of sex education (although this is never openly stated).

In a scene which has some unruly students struggling with the schoolmasters, some of the adults' clothes get torn, briefly exposing feminine undergarments in some cases.

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