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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of The Decameron Movie
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The Decameron (1971)

Decameron | Il Decameron | Dekameronas | El Decamerón | Decamerone | El decamerón | Декамерон | 十日談 | デカメロン | O Decameron | Το δεκαήμερο | Decameronen | Dekameron | Le Décaméron | Dekameron'un Aşk Hikayeleri
Movie type
1h 51min
Comedy, Drama, History
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The Decameron (1971) is a classic Italian comedy directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The film is based on the 14th century collection of stories by Giovanni Boccaccio and follows a group of young people who flee from the plague-ridden city of Florence to a remote villa in the countryside.

The Decameron is known for its frank and often humorous depictions of sex and sexuality. The film features a number of memorable sexual moments, including a scene in which a young man is seduced by a beautiful woman, and another in which a group of men and women engage in a game of strip poker. There are also several scenes of nudity and sexual innuendo, as well as a scene in which a young woman is forced to marry a much older man.

The Decameron is also notable for its exploration of gender roles and the power dynamics between men and women. The film features a number of strong female characters who challenge traditional gender roles and assert their independence.

Overall, The Decameron is a classic example of Italian comedy and a must-see for fans of the genre. Its frank and often humorous depictions of sex and sexuality make it a unique and memorable film.

Juciy Scenes

Three naked boys are seen among the people at a market, we see their nudity from a far distance.

A man is standing in a crowd of people, as the people are listening to an older man giving a sermon, the man stares suductively at a young boy in the crowd. The man goes over and picks a pocket of a random man and walks over and stands next to a young boy who he was earlier staring at. The man rubs his finger on the boy's crotch (wearing a speedo pouch looking clothes) to get his attention, when the boy looks up at him the man gives the boy a seductive look and flips a coin in front of him. When the boy sees the coin, he smiles at the man. Nothing further is shown but it is strongly suggested that the man paid the boy for sexual services.

A man is seduced by a nun. She pulls aside her habit and opens her legs to display herself to him and the camera. He drops his shorts revealing his erection. He lies on top of her. A second nun opens her legs to him. We see his buttocks below his shirt tail as he thrusts into her. He is seen clothed going in out of several nuns' rooms in order. Another nun sees him exposed as he sleeps outside. He is exposed as he follows her to a shed. She lifts his shirt for the camera to see him as he lies on top of her.

A nude woman lies on her stomach while kissing a clothed man. She performs oral sex on him as he faces away from the camera. She is still nude when she rushes away from him. The man later lifts the back of her skirt to take her in earshot of her husband. The husband thinks her instructions to her lover are really to him.

 couple, close up 

A man and woman undress for bed. Both are seen fully nude. He lies on top of her. They make love a couple of times before he goes to sleep. The camera pans slowly down. There is a close-up and two long-shots of her hand lightly grasping his genitals. When her parents awaken them, they hide themselves behind a blanket, but he lets the blanket drop to stand before them naked facing the camera for the rest of the scene.


A man is seen thrusting on top of the woman and caressing her breast as they kiss. As he rises, his genitals hang below his thighs.

Three men urinate in the woods facing the camera but from a distance.

 breast, fondles 

A woman is tricked into stripping in front of her husband and another man. We see her fully nude from the front. She faces the camera as she's crouched on all fours. We see her breasts hanging as the man fondles them and as he takes her from behind.

A man in a night shirt lies with a nude woman, but the camera can see up the shirt as he lies in bed and as he arises. The woman kneels up showing herself totally nude. When the man returns to lie on top of her, his nightshirt fails to hide his genitals.

A vision includes several men and women being cast into damnation. They are seen mostly from the back, but one man is seen in full frontal nudity.

A fully clothed man rushes into a room and strips the blanket off a sleeping woman. Though nude, she's mostly successful in hiding herself with her hands and arms until he lies on top of her.

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