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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Sam Whiskey Movie
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Sam Whiskey (1969)

El hombre temerario | Whiskey's Renegades | Sam Whiskey le dur | Silah, altın ve kadın | Сам Уиски | Сэм Виски | A Man of All Breeds | I klopi tou aionos | Lännen seikkailija Sam Whiskey | Sam Whisky | Kake no hôshû | Sam Whiskey, o Proscrito | 賭けの報酬 | Sam Whisky - Um Homem de Ouro
Movie type
1h 36min
Comedy, Western
Hotness level

Sam Whiskey is a 1969 American Western comedy film starring Burt Reynolds and Clint Walker. It follows the story of Sam Whiskey, a riverboat gambler who is hired by a widow to retrieve a shipment of gold from a sunken ship. Along the way, Sam and his partner, Amos, encounter a variety of characters, including a beautiful saloon singer named Molly.

The film contains several sexual moments, which add to the comedic tone of the movie. One of the most memorable scenes is when Sam and Amos visit a saloon and encounter Molly. Molly is a beautiful woman who is dressed in a revealing outfit and is singing a suggestive song. As Sam and Amos watch her, they are both clearly attracted to her. This scene is played for laughs, as the two men try to hide their attraction to Molly.

Another memorable sexual moment occurs when Sam and Amos are in a hotel room. They are discussing their mission when Amos notices a woman in the room. He quickly hides under the bed, while Sam tries to act nonchalant. The woman, however, is not fooled and she quickly realizes that Amos is hiding under the bed. She then proceeds to seductively dance around the room, much to the amusement of Sam and Amos.

The sexual moments in Sam Whiskey add to the comedic tone of the movie. They also help to create a lighthearted atmosphere, which is perfect for a Western comedy. The sexual moments in the movie are not explicit, but they are still suggestive enough to add to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Juciy Scenes

A fairly explicit sex scene with no movement. During this scene, a woman is shown lying naked on top of a man with a sheet covering her body below the waist, however most of her breasts are visible pressed up against the man's body. This lasts about a minute.

Later, we see the same women in a night-gown split down the middle exposing quite a bit of cleavage once more.


The same couple are scene lying under a tree naked, having a chat. No explicite nudity.

At the end, they are seen cuddling and kissing in a train car. This time, they are fully dressed.

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