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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Thunderball Movie
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Thunderball (1965)

007/Sandâbôru sakusen | Agente 007 - Thunderball (Operazione tuono) | James Bond: Thunderball | James Bond 007 - Feuerball | Agent 007 i ilden | Operación Trueno | 007 Contra a Chantagem Atômica | Åskbollen | Операција Гром | Opération Tonnerre | Kadur Ha-Raam | Operacija grom | 007 - Operação Relâmpago | Pallosalama | Operatie Donder | Шаровая молния | Agente 007 - Thunderball: operazione tuono | 007: Keravälk | Thunderball: operazione tuono | Þrumufleygur | Операция *Мълния* | Kamuolinis žaibas | Τζέιμς Μποντ, πράκτωρ 007: Επίχειρηση Κεραυνός (1965) | Operació tro | 007: Кульова блискавка | Agent 007 operasjon Tordensky | Operatiunea Thunderball | 霹靂彈 | 007 - Thunderball: operazione tuono | Operacja 'Piorun' | Quả Cầu Sấm Sét | 007: Thunderball | Τζέημς Μποντ, πράκτωρ 007: Επιχείρηση Κεραυνός | Operasjon Tordensky | Ian Fleming's Thunderball | 007/サンダーボール作戦 | Yıldırım Harekâtı | Tűzgolyó | Operación trueno | Longitude 78 West
Movie type
2h 10min
Action, Adventure, Thriller
Hotness level

The 1965 James Bond film Thunderball is considered one of the most iconic films in the franchise. It is also known for its sexual moments, which have become iconic in their own right.

The film follows Bond as he attempts to stop a criminal organization from using two nuclear warheads for extortion. Along the way, he meets a number of beautiful women, including the villainous Fiona Volpe and the Bond girl Domino Derval. Both of these characters are known for their sexual tension with Bond, and the film features several memorable moments between them.

The most iconic of these moments is the underwater seduction scene between Bond and Domino. The two are swimming in the ocean when Bond suddenly grabs Domino and pulls her close. The two then kiss passionately, and the scene has become one of the most iconic moments in the entire franchise.

The film also features a number of other sexual moments, including Bond's seduction of Fiona Volpe in a hotel room and his flirtatious conversation with Domino in a casino. These moments have become iconic in their own right, and they helped to make Thunderball one of the most memorable films in the franchise.

Overall, Thunderball is known for its sexual moments, which have become iconic in their own right. These moments helped to make the film one of the most memorable in the franchise, and they remain some of the most iconic moments in the entire series.

Juciy Scenes

A woman wearing a bikini is dancing on top of fire at a club as part of entertainment.

 breast, swimming 

During the opening credits, we see many female forms swimming under water all of which appear nude. These forms are solid black in color and silhouetted. there is one woman in the distance which you can clearly see her breast not a silhouette the light hits her just enough. others passing by the camera are close enough you can see their breast flapping and their nipples

 breast, bath 

A woman rises from a bathtub (covered in a towel) and lifts Bond's shirt. The scene cuts to the two of them having sex. We see the top of Bond's chest and the woman's breasts.

 breast, bath 

A man wearing a bath robe (he is nude underneath) rubs the bare back of a naked woman whose breasts are covered with a sheet. We get a quick glimpse at the side of her breasts.

A woman showing a great deal of cleavage in her nightgown is laying on top of a man who removes her shoulder strap and says wouldn't you be more comfortable without this ?

Bond brings a woman into a steam room and removes her clothes, it is implied they have sex. We see a foggy glimpse of the woman's bare back and buttocks pressed up against the steamy glass.

Bond and a woman go behind a rock under the sea and we see bubbles rise from where they are, implying sex


A man and a woman (fully clothed) kiss passionately in bed. The woman's dress is revealing of her breasts and the man begins to remove a strap of her dress but they are interrupted by a knock at the door.

Rape is very briefly implied (it would go over a kid's head completely)

Women wear revealing clothing and bikinis throughout

"Love making" and mistresses is the topic of several conversations throughout the film


The opening sequence is of naked women swimming underwater


Bond and other men are seen in bathing suits (or shirtless) throughout the film

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