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Cover Of Black Sabbath Movie
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Black Sabbath (1963)

As Três Máscaras do Terror | Las tres caras del miedo | Burakku Sabasu/Kyôfu! Mittsu no kao | The Three Faces of Terror | Les trois visages de la peur | Чорна субота, або Три обличчя страху | Ta 3 prosopa tou Satana | As Três Faces do Terror | A félelem három arca | Drie aangezichten van de verschrikking | Der Ring der Verdammten | Trije obrazi groze | Czarne święto | Черная суббота, или Три лица страха | Die drei Gesichter der Furcht | Black Sabbath - As 3 Máscaras do Terror | I skräckens klor | Tri lica straha | I tre volti della paura | Tre rædselsnætter | Τα τρία πρόσωπα του σατανά | Trzy oblicza strachu | The Three Faces of Fear | The Fear | As 3 Faces do Medo
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Black Sabbath (1963) is a classic horror film directed by Mario Bava. The film follows three stories, each with its own unique horror theme. One of the stories, “The Telephone”, is particularly notable for its sexual moments.

The story follows a woman named Rosy, who is being terrorized by a mysterious caller. The caller is revealed to be Rosy’s ex-lover, who is trying to win her back. In one scene, Rosy is in her bedroom, and the caller is on the other side of the door. He begins to seduce her, and the scene is filled with sexual tension. The caller tells Rosy that he will come to her, and she responds by saying that she will be waiting for him.

The scene is filled with sexual innuendo, and it is clear that Rosy is tempted by her ex-lover’s advances. The scene is also notable for its use of lighting and shadows, which create a sense of mystery and suspense.

The sexual moments in Black Sabbath (1963) are not explicit, but they are still effective in creating a sense of tension and suspense. The scene in “The Telephone” is particularly effective in conveying the sexual tension between Rosy and her ex-lover. The use of lighting and shadows also adds to the atmosphere of the scene, making it one of the most memorable moments in the film.

Juciy Scenes

The first story a woman gets ready for bed, disrobing from her dress into a night gown. Her bare back and legs are focused on by the camera, reference is also made to her body in a sexually aggressive manner. There is also a lesbian subtext present.


A woman's night gown falls off her shoulder when she is being attacked, no explicit nudity but the top of her breast is visible. Throughout the movie, women often wear clothing that makes cleavage slightly prominent.

 breast, couple 

When a woman is sleeping, her heaving breasts are focused on for a couple seconds.

 couple, bath, shower 

No nudity or outright sex in the film, though we do see a couple of female leads disrobing. In the first case, the woman is facing away from the camera, lifts her shirt off to reveal a bra strap, and the camera quickly pans away. In the second instance, she is wearing a non-revealing camisole-type undergarment and walks off-camera toward the bathroom for a shower.

One story features an obscene phone caller who says things like, "Take off your clothes. I'd like to see that." No profanity, mind you, just suggestive, lascivious and somewhat threatening dialogue.

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