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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Young Adam Movie
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Young Adam (2003)

O Jovem Adam | 猟人日記 | Nuori Adam | Jaunasis Adamas | Tutku nehri | Ο νεαρός Αδάμ | Младият Адам | El joven Adán | Mladi Adam | Young Adam - Dunkle Leidenschaft | Młody Adam | Молодой Адам | Pecados Ardentes | Noor Aadam | O Jovem Adão
Movie type
1h 38min
Crime, Drama
Hotness level

Young Adam (2003) is a British drama film directed by David Mackenzie and starring Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan, and Emily Mortimer. The film follows the story of a young man, Joe (McGregor), who works on a barge in 1950s Scotland and is caught up in a web of sexual relationships.

The movie is known for its explicit sexual content, which is used to explore the themes of love, lust, and morality. Joe's relationships with the two women in his life, Cathie (Swinton) and Ella (Mortimer), are particularly sexualized. The film opens with a scene of Joe and Cathie having sex in a field, and the two characters are shown in various states of undress throughout the movie. Joe and Ella also engage in a passionate affair, and the film contains several scenes of them making love.

In addition to the explicit sex scenes, the movie also contains several moments of sexual tension between the characters. Joe and Cathie's relationship is marked by a deep physical attraction, and the two often flirt and tease each other. Joe and Ella's relationship is also filled with sexual tension, and their affair is depicted as a passionate and intense one.

The sexual moments in Young Adam are used to explore the complex relationships between the characters, and to examine the themes of love, lust, and morality. The film's explicit sex scenes are not gratuitous, but rather serve to further the story and to provide insight into the characters' motivations and desires.

Juciy Scenes
 close up 

Tilda Swinton is laying topless next to Ewan Mcgregor. Theres a blanket covering her nether regions. After talking for a bit, she suddenly yanks the blanket off of him. His penis and testicles can be seen in relative close up for several seconds. Very surprising and graphic scene.

One man and one woman have full-frontal nude scenes and other partial nudity in plenty. Detailing the sex scenes might become repetitive, but a summary is in order.

One of the men is shown attempting sex with a woman. His penis is vaguely shown dragging across her belly.

 close up 

The other man is shown having sex with four different women. In three of the sex scenes he is fully clothed. In one he is partly obscured by the camera angle. Other scenes involve nudity and sexual contact as well. In one, he moves his hand up a woman's nickers. In two others, a woman massages his crotch under bedclothes. A woman pulls a blanket off him revealing his genitals in a lingering close-up.

One of the women is shown nude when she pulls off her slip, preparing for sex but pubic area is only shown in a vaguely brief image. She is also shown topless as she undresses during a conversation.


A second woman is fully nude as she stands bathing.

The third woman is nude as she is cooking after sex. She also has a number of other scenes in which she appears topless--before, during, or after sex.

 breast, fondles 

Emily is shown topless and both her breasts and nipples are visible, her pubic region is only very briefly seen. The man then fondles one of her boob, The he lays her down on the ground and becomes naked himself. Then he penetrates her from the front.


Emily angrily removes her bra and shows her breasts and nipples in front of Ewan.

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